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Our institute has been associated with AAJNEETI Advertising since 2016 and since then they have taken care of lead generation for our institute. Initially we spent one lakh rupees for three months and now we spend around two million rupees every month. We have received approximately 400 admissions every year since 2019, representing over 40% of our total capacity. They're performing a fantastic job at an affordable price.

Amitabh Panday

Marketing Head, School of Management Sciences, Varanasi

I'm really happy that I found Aajneeti. The quality of leads they provide is unmatched and their customer service is second to none. I feel like they're giving me the personal attention that I need to see my business grow and would definitely recommend checking them out! If you're looking to grow your business, I highly recommend Aajneeti.

Vijay Bajpai

Director, South Bay Business Consulting Private Limited

When I say that Aajneeti has helped us streamline our marketing in a way that no other organisation has, I am not exaggerating. We contacted a few other companies when we wanted to enhance our lead generation, but none of them seemed to be able to help us...until we found Aajneeti. They were able to design the ideal approach and plan for us.

Arun Mittal

Director, Noida Fortune

Until I met Aajneeti, I never imagined that generating leads could be so simple. They're a large corporation that has used digital marketing to help hundreds of businesses create high-quality leads.

Vipul Gupta

Founder, Neobrix Group of Companies

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Integrated Approach to

Marketing, Sales, Profit, and Growth

AajNeeti aims to make a difference in the business consultancy landscape by providing an integrated approach to achieving business goals. We advise clients on the best digital marketing channels to use to achieve their desired objectives and work with them closely to help implement these plans - driving better leads, sales, and profits.

Generate Hot Leads

We prepare a pipeline of high-quality prospects - all ready to make a purchase - and feed it to your sales team.

Help with User Acquisition

We'll help you create and implement a scalable and sustainable business growth strategy.

Optimize Cost Per Acquisition

We use technology and marketing expertise to reduce your acquisition costs and improve conversions.

Bring Customers to You

We drive traffic to you - online and offline. We work tirelessly to increase your revenues and profits.

Create & Promote Brands

Harnessing the power of online engagement to fuel your growth, we create and promote brands that people love.

Top Benefits

Take part in the future of digital world.

Personalized Digital Marketing

Strategy for Your Business!

At AajNeeti, we work at full steam to grow your business and achieve your desired objectives. We create a personalized digital marketing strategy for your business that is designed to increase traffic, engagement, and conversions - and review and update it regularly to guarantee you best results.

Grow your business with us in 4 simple steps:

#1 Share the Info with Us

Answer 7 questions about your business and marketing goals to get started.

#2 Avail of Free Audit Service

Get a full site audit and a detailed proposal of how we can help you - FREE!

#3 Review Our Proposal

No one can beat us in the digital marketing game. Because we play for you.

#4 Multiply Your Profits

You focus on your business. We take care of the rest.

AAJNeeti, your integrated marketing strategist, uses

'The AAJ' formula to design your campaigns.

Digital marketing strategies have to be quickly implementable, result-oriented, measurable, and flexible. You know that you have invested in the right company and the right service when your ROI is positive and your brand presence increases.

When we take on a new client, the first thing our team does is get to know everything about the product or service. We study the target audience, understand what problem the product or service solves, develop buyer personas, do competition research, and study trends. Based on all of this research, we develop an integrated marketing strategy that will help our client achieve their desired results.

And then, our AAJ formula to make Neeti (Strategies):

A = Attention

Attention is the first step in getting your target audience to notice your brand. This can be done through various digital marketing channels like SEO, social media, email marketing, etc.

A = Action

Once you have the attention of your target audience, it is important to convert that into action. This can be done by providing relevant and compelling content and sales pitches that encourage your audience to take the desired action.

J = Journey

After the target audience takes action, it is important to keep them engaged through their journey with your brand. This can be done by providing a seamless and personalized experience at every touchpoint.

The AAJ formula is a simple yet effective way to ensure that your digital marketing campaigns are designed to deliver results.

Get More Than You Expect!

At AajNeeti, we believe the long-term association with our clients will make our business sustainable. Hence, we always deliver more than what clients expect from us. This has been our key mantra since the inception of our company. That's why we have been here for more than a decade and still have clients with us from the very beginning. Check out the following links to know more about us:

We invite you to Join Us at AAJNeeti!

SEO/SMO Experts, Content Creators, Designers, Software Experts

We are always looking for people who can bring their unique talents and skills in creating exciting, fresh marketing campaigns. If this sounds like something that would interest or intrigue you then please send us your resume along with some examples from recent work.

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Stay up-to-date about what's happening on your project here. At AAJNeeti, we are constantly reshaping, rethinking, and redesigning the way we approach problems to make sure we are building the best solutions for you. Our team of engineers, designers, online marketing specialists and content creators will keep you updated on progress and help you every step of the way.

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