Real Estate Lead Generation by Creating an attractive Website

September 29, 2020
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Real Estate Lead Generation by Creating-an attractive Website

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Real estate lead generation simply means to generate leads for your real estate business. Real estate leads are the people who show their interest in buying your product sharing their names and contact information with you.
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Here we are going to talk about real estate lead generation by creating an attractive website.

Tips for Creating an attractive Real Estate Website

By following these tips you can generate real estate leads by creating an attractive website:

· Landing page

this is how a landing page looks like of real estate website for real estate lead generation

A landing page is a webpage that is different from your main website used for the sole purpose of convincing visitors to do one specific action.

Real estate landing pages are standalone pages on your website which have only one objective- to convert traffic into leads. When someone visits your landing page, they should be encouraged to share their contact information in exchange for valuable content such as a property search, home valuation, EMI Calculator against the loan amount, or a market trend report.

· Add popups

this a popup on the landing page of a real estate website for real estate lead generation

Popups play an important role in generating leads. Whenever any prospect comes on your landing page, a popup will engage them to fill in their contact information first and then allow them to visit your site for gaining information on your real estate business. Choose an attractive background for your popup which gives the prospect a hint about your business.

These tools can convert over 5% of traffic into leads for your business and by sending them information related to their query through emails, WhatsApp etc is a great way to give value to your visitors. 

· Add Favorites Option

this is how a favorites option looks like, for real estate lead generation

A prospect who would visit your website and see the listings of all the properties would definitely want to filter the list by keeping his favorites aside. So, give people an option to do that. It will make your website more attractive and convenient for the users and will help you get more leads.

It will also help you in understanding your visitor requirements so that you can retarget them by sending customized emails or you can connect to them over a phone call by sharing more similar kinds of options.

· Add buyer’s and seller’s guide.

Real estate websites are incomplete without buyer’s and seller’s guide. Adding them will make your website look more informative. People will believe what they read on your website rather than the things you will tell them while closing the deal.

It is always a good strategy to ask for visitor’s contact details against something like a guide, ebooks, etc.

· Add FAQs

Adding Frequently Asked Questions to any website has now become a trend and it is also quite helpful. Involving FAQs in the list of making your real estate website more attractive will prevent you from the repetitive questions that all the prospects will ask you and also give them an idea about your style of doing business.

We at aajneeti have created multiple FAQs in form of articles

Tools required to create a website for real estate lead generation

Now that we have discussed what things to keep in mind while creating a website for your real estate business, let’s move on to how to create a website for real estate lead generation.

There are several ways to create and build a website for generating real estate leads. So, without doing any further delay, let’s discuss them, shall we?

1. Website builders

Website builders are pre-designed software that provides various tools for constructing and designing websites. Like most of the things, the complimentary ones acquire limited functions but the paid ones come with advanced features and functions.

Website builders are best suited for non-technical people as they require little or no programming at all. These include everything that you need to build a website for a real estate business like; domain, hosting templates, and content.

There are various website builders available on the internet for you to create your own website without any worry to learn coding or anything.


As most of us are aware of as a blogging platform but it can be used for creating a website as well. As a real estate agent, you can use to create a website. Though its premium version is more helpful than the free one it can be a good practice platform for you to generate seller leads for your business. Above all, your website will get free hosting and security.

· is one of the easiest and simplest website building platforms that can help you create your real estate business website only in a few hours. It contains ready-made templates that you can choose according to your requirement and niche.

· is similar to in many ways and is also a very fast and easy option to build your real estate website. It has incredible templates that are easily customizable as per the requirement. The biggest advantage of using is that it includes domain, hosting, e-commerce, analytics, and support everything in a single package.

2. is an open-source content management software that you can use to create your real estate business website. There are several free and premium themes and plugins to create and customize your website.

WordPress themes are pre-designed category-based website templates that you can use for your business. For building a website for real estate business you need to use the themes that can attract leads to your website. You can buy premium themes to get the best themes for your website.

WordPress plugins are software that can enhance the functionality of your WordPress site. They add multiple new features to the site and are available in free and premium modes both. Uploading plugins to your WordPress site can give it a professional look as you get extra features to make your website more attractive for the prospects.

WordPress is one of the best methods to create a website as it more features than any other software and gives you extra customization by the means of themes and plugins.

3.    By using any programming language

Most of the websites on the web are created and designed by using computer programming languages like PHP, Java, Python, HTML, CSS, etc. Even all the website builders we discussed are also created by using several programming languages. The use of programming languages depends on the level of functionality you require on your website.

Importance of a website for Real Estate Lead Generation

Building a website is the primary source to get visible online to the audience. Having a website for the business will act as the best lead generation source for realtors.

The use of appealing design and content with videos showing your property features is more convincing than having only contact information on Google searches. Having a website for your real estate business has more advantages than you know of. I’m going to discuss some essential ones below:

· Be different

Most of the real estate agents use social media to promote their business. They use all the digital marketing tactics to make their business as popular as possible on Facebook and Twitter and maybe Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Tumblr. But do you think that’s enough? As I mentioned most of them do so, you can be different by creating a website for your business.

· Become trustworthy

If you use only social media platforms to promote your real estate business then people will see you as a fake agent. Having your own website makes your business more trustworthy. Prospects prefer websites rather than social media pages. Your business will seem more authoritative and valid on social media when people will have an option to visit your website and know more about your services.

· Be professional

As a real estate agent, you wouldn’t want the prospects to go to your Facebook page as all the Facebook pages look the same and they can also get suggestions for other agents as well and become a lead for them. Handle that in a professional way by sending your clients to your website to know more about you.

Even when you list yourself on Google My Business and it directs the prospects to your social media pages, it looks very tacky but when they are directed to your website, it leaves a nice impression on them.

· Make your business more attractive

Facebook pages all look alike in terms of design, but on your own website, you can realize a brand image, offer products for sale, and integrate third-party web services.

Building your own site gives you endless design choices. You have total control over products and services you may sell and how they’re delivered too.

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