We Know How to Unlock High-Quality Leads on Meta Platforms!

June 8, 2024
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We Know How to Unlock High-Quality Leads on Meta Platforms!

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Many of our first-time clients think that Facebook leads are bad. But, time and again, our AAJneeti team has proved that Meta platforms do generate high-quality leads (and for much less than Google). It just takes some time to optimise the campaigns correctly.

Let’s dive deep into how we achieve this and share our secrets with you.

Myth: Lead Quality from Facebook Ads is Poor

Do Facebook Lead Ads Have Poor Quality?

One of the most frequent complaints we hear from those new to Facebook Lead Ads is the quality of leads. This frustration often stems from two main issues:

  1. The leads are bad.
  2. The outreach is bad.

It’s easy to point fingers at the platform, the creative, or the advertiser for poor lead quality. While there are numerous resources on improving targeting and lead qualification, these address only the first point: inherently bad leads.

However, if you’re getting a decent volume of leads but none are responding, the problem might lie in your outreach strategy.

Is Poor Outreach The Real Culprit?

We’ve seen it time and again: good leads paired with poor outreach strategies lead to no responses. Here’s the equation to remember:

Good Leads + Bad Outreach = No Response

For B2C businesses, a 24-hour response time is what we consider ideal. Phone calls and emails are not reliable channels either. Here’s why:

  • If a phone number is fake or doesn’t ring, it’s a bad lead. But if it rings and isn’t picked up, it might still be a good lead.
  • Consumers rarely answer unknown numbers due to spam and telemarketing calls. Not picking up doesn’t mean rejection.

Proven Outreach Strategies Based On Our Experience

Best Outreach Strategies According to AAJneeti's Experience

To improve the outreach and response rates of Facebook leads by up to 300%, here are our top tips:

  1. Contact Leads Quickly
    • Reach out within the first 15 minutes of receiving a lead. If that’s too hard, aim for 60 minutes. Next-day follow-ups are the latest you should aim for.
    • Studies have shown that the chances of connecting with a lead within the first 5 minutes are 100 times greater than after 30 minutes. This demonstrates the importance of rapid response.
  1. Use Preferred Communication Channels
    • Message leads via SMS or WhatsApp instead of emails or phone calls. These are more likely to be checked and responded to. Many times, the numbers of salespeople are marked as ‘Spam’ and hence, prospective customers ‘ignore’ their calls. In such cases, messaging them might be a way to connect with them.
    • Chat apps are part of daily life for many consumers, making them a more natural and less intrusive way to reach out.
  1. Personalise Your Messages
    • Include the lead’s name and your product/service in the first 10 words. This makes your message recognisable and not spam.
    • Personalisation ensures that your leads recognise the relevance of your contact and are more likely to respond.
  1. Make Your Messages Easy to Respond To
    • Keep your messages short and ask a simple yes/no question. The goal is for the lead to read and reply within 10 seconds.
    • Long, complex messages are likely to be ignored or put off until ‘later’, which often means ‘never’.
  1. Follow Up
    • Don’t give up if there’s no response to the first message. Follow up 2-3 times over the next few days at different times and via different channels.
    • Persistence pays off. Many leads are simply busy and will respond when you catch them at the right time.

By implementing these steps, we’ve seen response rates improve 3-5 times. No change in the lead generation approach—just better outreach.

What We Do To Enhance Lead Quality and Outreach?

What we do to improve lead quality and outreach?

Now that we have talked about strategies to improve your outreach yields, here are some of the ways we use to improve lead quality on Meta platforms:

  • Switch from On-Platform Lead Ads to Landing Pages: Users signing up on your website are often more serious. This added step filters out casual clicks and leaves you with more committed leads.
  • Keep Track of Offline Conversions: Lead feedback from clients allows us to track conversion events from their CRM. It helps us to know which leads are qualified, and which ones turn into actual sales. This helps us adjust our targeting accordingly.
  • Pre-Qualify Leads: Improve the questions in your lead form to filter out low-quality leads. This can be done by asking more detailed questions that only serious prospects will take the time to answer.

Ready to Increase Your Sales Conversions?

Want to increase your sales conversions?

By following these steps, you can see your response rates and sales conversions increase by 300% or more. At AAJneeti, we use these strategies daily to ensure our clients achieve the best possible results from their Meta platform campaigns.

For those serious about scaling their business, consider tools like Privyr CRM or Zapier, which integrate with Facebook Lead Ads to provide instant lead alerts and streamlined communication options.

These CRMs allow our clients to reach out to new leads via WhatsApp, SMS, iMessage, or phone call within seconds, offering auto-personalised messages and content, trackable PDF files and pages, automatic follow-up reminders, and many more features to help you manage your leads and increase sales conversion.

As a leading digital marketing agency in Delhi/NCR, we know that our clients judge us by the response rates and sales conversions we deliver. Therefore, we always try to optimise both lead quality and outreach in harmony with the sales teams of our clients.

At AAJneeti, we ensure that our clients not only get a steady stream of leads but also see those leads convert into paying customers.

Remember, getting good leads is just the first step. Effective outreach is what turns potential into profit. By refining strategies and using the right tools, you can unlock the full potential of our lead generation efforts and drive significant growth for your business.

If you need further assistance or personalised advice, feel free to reach out to us.