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Find Businesses That Need You with AajNeeti one of the best b2b lead generation companies in Noida & Delhi, India!

Are you looking to expand your customer base and reach new markets? B2B lead generation can help you find businesses that need your products or services. Our B2B lead generation services help you in identifying potential customers, building relationships with them, and eventually converting them into paying customers.

AAJNeeti experts have a close understanding of multiple channels and strategies to generate B2B leads. We help you create targeted buyer personas, develop compelling content to attract B2B leads, use inbound and outbound marketing tactics, as well as leverage data-driven analysis to measure success.

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    At AajNeeti, we believe the long-term association with our clients will make our business sustainable. Hence, we always deliver more than what clients expect from us. This has been our key mantra since the inception of our company. That’s why we have been here for more than a decade and still have clients with us from the very beginning.

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    How do we generate leads for SMEs?

    We use a combination of methods and strategies to generate qualified B2B leads for our clients, including:

    AAJNeeti, as a B2B lead generation company has experts who will help you to reach out to potential businesses in your target markets. Our team of experts will conduct research and analysis on your behalf to identify the needs, interests, and behaviors of potential customers. We can design a comprehensive digital marketing strategy tailored to your needs that will generate a steady stream of qualified B2B leads for you.

    Our goal is to increase the number of conversions and reduce the time-to-conversion rate with high-quality lead generation strategies.

    What Can We Do for Your Business?

    AAJNeeti, one of the leading b2b lead generation companies in India, is your trusted partner for B2B lead generation. Our B2B lead generation services use a comprehensive digital marketing strategy and tactics to help you generate qualified leads and build relationships with potential customers. Our team of experts will make sure that you are targeting the right markets, building leads on each identified channel, and connecting with the right brands or vendors. Contact us today to get started on creating an optimized B2B lead generation strategy for your business!

    Mining Your Databases and Existing Resources for Valuable B2B Leads​

    Mining Your Databases and Existing Resources for Valuable B2B Leads

    AajNeeti, Noida based one of the top-notch b2b lead generation companies has extensive 8 years of experience in mining your customer and sales data to uncover valuable insights that can be used to generate leads. We also audit your content assets to ensure that the messaging is resonating with your target market and finding the right audience. They can also find the patterns as well as gaps in your sales process to generate better leads and increase conversion rates.

    Identify Right Channels to Target Right Business Clients for You​

    Identify Right Channels to Target Right Business Clients for You

    Every industry and sector has its own set of channels for reaching out to potential customers. Pharmaceutical businesses, for example, might use direct mailing and medical conferences, whereas a professional services business might use LinkedIn. As an experienced B2B lead generation partner, AAJNeeti’s B2B lead generation services will identify the right channels for you to target the right business clients.

    Connect You with Brands or Vendors Looking for Your Products​

    Connect You with Brands or Vendors Looking for Your Products

    The ultimate goal of B2B lead generation is to connect a brand or vendor with a product manufacturer. As one of the best b2b lead generation companies in Delhi, We leverage our expertise in market research and segmentation to identify brands and vendors looking for your products or services. Our team of experts will make sure that you are connecting with the right client and can build long-term relationships.

    Success Stories

    B2B Lead Generation Campaign

    AajNeeti is the best b2b lead generation company because we deliver quality leads that turn into sales. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you grow your business!
    Lead specialists at AajNeeti work

    At every step of the B2B sales process:

    • Target the prospective clients in your niche market
    • Discover the prospect’s pain points
    • Qualify leads to determine how suitable the prospect is as your customer
    • Can provide call scripts or sales pitches according to prospects
    • Listen to customers’ objections and reposition offers to increase their effectiveness
    • Run retargeting ads and campaigns to nurture leads
    • Generate reports to measure performance and track success
    Real Estate Lead Generation India

    The AajNeeti Advantage

    Why Choose Us

    We offer SEO, social media, Content Creation and Marketing, Email Marketing, Online Reputation Management, and a load of other services along with lead generation services.

    We use multiple channels such as SEO, email marketing, social media, content creation, and online advertising to generate leads. We also source leads from your websites and databases and insights from industry events to create lookalike ads or retargeting ads.

    Among the leading b2b lead generation companies in Delhi & Noida, our team has the expertise to create effective and result-oriented campaigns that generate 60-80% qualified leads.

    We create relevant and in-depth campaigns that generate qualified leads and help you build long-term relationships with your customers.

    We track the performance of our campaigns in real time so that you know how your campaigns are doing and how much ROI they are generating.

    We provide quantitative data to measure campaign success and help you make informed decisions about future marketing plans. With our measurable results, you can easily track the performance of your campaigns anytime you want.

    B2B Lead Generation Strategies We Use

    To Attract B2B Clients

    • Search Engine and Linkedin Campaigns for Directly Contacting Customers and Attracting Fresh Audiences
    • Display Ads on Google, Meta Platforms, and YouTube Ads for Retargeting Customers
    • Compiles and Sort the Business and Customer Information to Share with the Client
    • Get the Prospective Customers to Sign Up for Your Services or Newsletters
    • Create Precise and Targeted Campaigns – Both Inbound and Outbound
    • Nurture Leads and Share the Well-Qualified Leads with the Clients
    • Lead Management and CRM Tool to Check Leads in Real Time
    • Dedicated Account Management of Your Lead Generation Project and more.
    Generate leads for real estate and get more customers with AAJneeti
    Ride the Digital Wave to Grow Your Business

    Our B2B Lead Generation services are designed to help you tap into the immense potential of digital marketing. We use advanced B2B Leads strategies and techniques to:

    • Find businesses actively searching for your products and services
    • Alert you about the green and red flags that indicate if a prospect is right for you or not
    • Develop a sales intelligence platform for you where you can track and nurture leads
    • Increase Connect rates by offering you 60-80% qualified leads
    • Skyrocket your sales by bringing in fresh leads, vetting them for you, and helping with turning them into customers

    Looking for More Leads and More Opportunities?

    At AajNeeti, One of the best b2b lead generation companies in India, we help clients with everything businesses need to find more leads and drive more revenue. We understand that the market is ever-evolving, and we keep up with the changes to ensure you don’t miss out on any potential opportunities. From creating campaigns to managing leads and measuring results, we do it all. Contact us today and start generating more prospects for your business!

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      Your Questions & Our Answers

      Frequently Asked Questions

      As a B2B Lead Generation Company, AAJneeti has generated leads for producers, resellers, institutions, and governments across a wide range of industries. AAJNeeti experts specialize in creating custom solutions for each customer depending on their target industry, vertical, and objectives.

      It depends from project to project. When you contact us, our experts will sit with you to understand your sales process and quote how many leads we can generate for you and in how much time.

      We offer 60-80% of qualified B2B leads. We use advanced algorithms as well as human intervention to ensure the accuracy of our data. We also offer a range of services to help clients with their business growth strategies including marketing automation, customer segmentation, and data analysis.

      To generate leads for your business, you can create compelling content, offer free resources, optimize your website for search engines, use social media, attend networking events, and use email marketing campaigns to reach out to potential customers.

      B2B lead generation refers to the process of identifying and cultivating potential customers for a business-to-business (B2B) product or service. It involves attracting prospects, gathering their contact information, and nurturing them until they are ready to make a purchase.

      To find new B2B customers, you can use various tactics such as conducting market research, building a strong online presence, reaching out to existing contacts, leveraging social media and industry associations, attending trade shows and events, and creating targeted marketing campaigns through B2B Lead Generation Companies In India.

      B2B lead generation tools can help businesses streamline their lead generation efforts. Examples include CRM software, marketing automation tools, lead capture forms, email marketing platforms, social media management tools, and analytics software to track website traffic and lead conversion rates.

      A B2B lead generation guide is a comprehensive resource that provides businesses with strategies and tactics for generating high-quality leads. It typically covers topics such as identifying target audiences, creating compelling content, leveraging social media and email marketing, and measuring success metrics.