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Welcome to AAJneeti Advertising - a premier digital marketing agency in Noida. With over a decade of lead generation expertise and a Google-certified founder, Mr Alok Kumar Singh, our agency ranks among the Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in Delhi NCR.

As a Google Partner, we specialise in creating, managing, and optimising advanced online paid ad campaigns, leveraging the best features of various platforms (such as Google and Meta) to help businesses with their branding activities, promoting their products and services, do online reputation management, find the right clients, and more. We offer:

  • Real estate lead generation services,
  • Education lead generation services,
  • Political campaigning,
  • Healthcare lead generation services, and
  • B2B lead generation services

among other things.


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    AAJneeti has been in Noida Since 2014!


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    AAJneeti’s story started with ‘Rajneeti’ – where Alok and his team played big in political campaigning for leaders at all levels. With time, Alok’s vision expanded beyond politics – leading him to diversify into generating leads for schools, colleges, real estate and various other businesses. 

    The pivotal moment arrived when we realized that paid ad campaigns and digital marketing are the way forward for all businesses in ‘Digital India’ – be it B2C marketing campaigns or B2B customer targeting. Realizing the potential, AAJneeti is now offering lead generation services in Noida (and beyond) for all businesses – with a big focus on real estate. 

    We are now glad to share Alok’s videos on different real estate projects across India have garnered good attention from potential investors – and many of our clients are now contacting us after seeing his impressive videos.

    Services Offered

    Specialized Lead Generation Services for Delhi, Noida, Gurugram (and anywhere in India):

    Brand Awareness and Promotion

    We study what makes you different from other competitors. Our creatives, video ads, and ad copies highlight the product details, target location, price, unique features, clients’ achievements and reputation, and what makes it worth putting money in them from the perspective of a buyer or an investor. We develop thorough and comprehensive online strategies to position you as a prominent name in the industry to help you attract high-quality real estate leads, B2B leads or education leads for all your ongoing and upcoming projects, products, or courses respectively.

    Targeting the Right Investors and Buyers

    We decide on our online advertising approach based on the cost of your product offerings and your target buyers or investors. For example, we use LinkedIn to attract exclusive B2B leads or leads of high net-worth individuals. We decide on whether we will use Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, Reddit, or YouTube to run your ads - depending on the demographics you are targeting.

    Generate Qualified Leads to Keep Your Salespeople Busy

    We offer a 40-80% qualified sales leads guarantee - depending on your product. It means that we make sure that the guaranteed number of ‘leads’ or ‘potential customers’ have shown interest in your product, property or course (by clicking on the ad and filling out the enquiry form) and confirm that they have the budget to buy it (in the first call). With these vetted leads, you can streamline and accelerate your sales process. We have the reputation of keeping our clients busy on weekends (with followups or closing deals).

    Help with Online Reputation Management

    We realize that besides targeted leads, many of our clients also need help with monitoring online sentiments about them. Negative feedback online can deeply hamper the success of their businesses - whether it is true or false. With our technical expertise, we can help you handle any negative feedback promptly and appropriately - mitigating its effects on your venture.

    Whether you are looking for education leads, healthcare leads, B2B leads or real estate leads, our customised lead generation services in Noida can take your business prospecting process to the next level.

    Channels and Strategies

    Our Lead Generation Channels and Strategies for Real Estate Clients

    Our lead generation strategies are tailored for our clients based on their target location(s) and types of offerings. We leverage the best features of various online platforms, including Google, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to come up with an effective yet diversified approach for the product or service you are advertising.

    When we come up with a lead generation strategy for you, we focus on the demographics of your target customers, where they linger, and how we can capture high-quality leads for you that have demonstrated interest in your product or service and have the capacity to pay for it.

    Search Ads

    Users actively searching for your product or similar products in your targeted locations can be captured using search ads. Since they are already interested in similar products, they might have higher conversion rates.

    Display Ads

    Display Ads are great for generating interest in customers who have shown interest in similar products earlier but are not actively looking for one right now. Visually appealing ads across the Google Display Network might get them interested in your product. This helps you reach out to more people who might eventually turn into buyers.

    Google Search Ads are crucial for reaching users actively searching for specific information, while Google Display Ads play a vital role in achieving broader brand exposure and visual engagement across the Google Display Network.

    Carousel Ads

    You can use one image or multiple images to attract the attention of the clients within a single ad. Ads with multiple images are called carousel ads and allow us to highlight the best features of the product separately.

    Video Ads

    Walkthrough tours, product videos, client testimonials and informative tutorials are some of the types of video ads we usually use for our clients. In some cases, we describe the best points of a product and compare them with similar products by your closest competitors and tell potential customers why your product is a better investment option for them.

    Look-Alike Ads

    Look-alike ads in Meta help us target users similar to existing leads. Re-targeting users who have been checking out your product ads, website or similar products in your targeted locations often become hot leads for our clients. Look-alike ads are great to get these users back in the main picture.

    Carousel ads captivate the attention of potential buyers with multiple product visuals. Video ads are highly engaging and often employ compelling storytelling techniques. Look-alike ads are great for targeting audiences similar to existing leads. Collectively, these ads can help you grab the attention of potential buyers effectively.

    Sponsored Content

    Sponsored content on LinkedIn refers to paid promotional posts that businesses or individuals boost to a wider audience. It allows us to target specific demographics, engage with a broader professional audience, and promote your brand, products, or services on the LinkedIn platform.

    LinkedIn Ads

    LinkedIn Ads offer precise targeting to reach a professional audience, maximising B2B marketing effectiveness. They are also great for commercial real estate advertising or promoting luxury residential properties.

    LinkedIn is a great platform for reaching out to affluent individuals, including high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth individuals (HNIs and UHNIs). They might have a higher cost per click but can generate some great leads for B2B leads, luxury apartments, villas, farmhouses, retail spaces, offices, and commercial real estate investment option.

    We craft a tailored mix of ads, taking into account your project’s unique features – be it residential or commercial – based on its size, price, purpose, or location. This ensures you get leads perfectly suited to your requirements.

    For added impact, we sometimes expand to platforms like YouTube and Twitter. YouTube Video Ads are ideal for captivating product videos and property walkthroughs, while Twitter keeps you in the conversation with real-time updates. We choose these platforms for dynamic visuals or when an interactive approach is key.

    In summary, our lead generation focuses on top-notch leads for our clients. By combining various ad types on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, and the flexibility to include YouTube and Twitter, we create a comprehensive strategy that aligns seamlessly with each project’s distinct characteristics.

    Our Process

    AAJneeti Advertising's Online Lead Generation Process

    At AAJneeti, our commitment is not just to meet expectations but to surpass them. We strive to deliver results that go beyond the promised outcomes, ensuring client satisfaction and success in the competitive real estate market.


    Project Evaluation

    We initiate the process by conducting a thorough analysis of your product or service, taking into account its type, size, price range, purpose, and location.


    Tailored Ad Strategy

    Crafting a customised ad strategy, we strategically deploy a mix of online ads across platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn based on the unique characteristics of your product. We also brainstorm on which aspects of the product we want to highlight and the types of ads we will run for it.


    Lead Qualification Process

    We integrate CRM for our clients allowing them to receive leads in real-time so that they can take immediate action. We have observed that if you do not respond to leads ASAP, they enquire at other places and book deals elsewhere.

    Hence, our lead qualification process requires our clients to call leads within 24 hours to verify their interest and financial capacity to invest in or buy the product.



    Campaign Monitoring and Optimization

    Based on clients’ feedback, we optimise our campaigns to ensure maximum reach and impact. We continuously monitor our ad performance to give our clients the best output for their ad budget.

    Results We Offer

    AAJneeti's Online Real Estate Lead Generation Results We Offer

    Increased Lead Quantity

    Our strategic approach to paid ads ensures a significant boost in lead generation, expanding the pool of potential buyers for your products.

    Enhanced Lead Quality

    Through our meticulous lead qualification process, we guarantee a pool of high-quality sales leads, consisting of individuals genuinely interested and financially capable of investing in your products and services.

    Targeted Audience Reach

    Precision in ad targeting across platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn ensures that your ads reach the most relevant and potential buyers.

    Improved Brand Visibility

    Paid ads are crafted to enhance your brand's visibility, creating a lasting impression and increasing recognition among your target audience.

    Optimised Campaign Performance

    Our dedicated team monitors and optimises campaigns continuously, ensuring that your ads perform at their best, maximising reach, engagement, and overall impact.

    Transparent Reporting

    Clients receive detailed and transparent reports on campaign performance, providing insights into ad effectiveness and allowing informed decision-making.

    At AAJneeti, our commitment is not just to meet expectations but to surpass them. We strive to deliver results that go beyond the promised outcomes, ensuring client satisfaction and success in competitive markets.

    Our Role in Lead Generation for Real Estate in Noida

    AajNeeti’s role in your real estate project is to find leads that are easily convertible to deals. We help you increase sales by generating leads through our research, online ads, content marketing, and social media outreach.

    Our Clients

    AAJneeti’s List of Clients

    Success Stories

    Real Estate Lead Generation Success Stories from Noida

    AajNeeti’s best real estate lead generation services deliver quality leads that turn into sales. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you grow your business!

    Pricing and Packages
    AAJneeti offers two pricing models for running successful lead generation campaigns.

    Cost Per Lead (CPL) Model:

    In this model, clients pay for the number of leads they get. It is completely transparent and performance-driven and offers you tangible results. The cost per lead may vary based on different factors, such as the type, target location, and cost of product.

    This model is best suited for first-timers or one-time clients who want to test the AAJneeti approach.

    Real Estate Lead Generation India
    Generate leads for real estate and get more customers with AAJneeti
    Pricing and Packages

    Retainership Model:

    This model is the most preferred one by our long-term clients who have hired us for ongoing lead generation services. They pay us a fixed monthly retainer fee in which we create, monitor, and optimise their campaigns to help them get a steady flow of high-quality leads. 

    The retainer fee is determined based on the scale of the campaign, the frequency of ad placements, and the specific goals of the client.

    Please note that in the retainership model, the ad budget is provided separately by the clients.

    Rest assured that irrespective of the pricing model you choose, we will offer you a transparent price quote, a customised strategy, and targeted, exclusive, and high-converting sales leads for your product or service online, in Delhi NCR, elsewhere in India, and abroad.

    How to Get Started?

    Ready to take your real estate business to the next level? Contact us now for a personalised consultation and discover how AAJneeti Advertising can boost your lead generation efforts.

    Start the conversation today for a tailored strategy that delivers results.

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      Your Questions & Our Answers

      Frequently Asked Questions

      A lead generation service systematically identifies and attracts potential customers or clients interested in a particular product or service. In real estate, it involves generating prospects expressing interest in buying or investing in your properties.

      The minimum price for our lead generation service in Noida or anywhere in India varies based on factors such as product type, geographical focus, and lead quality requirements. Contact us for a personalised quote tailored to your specific needs.

      While we primarily operate on Cost Per Lead (CPL) and Retainership models, we are open to discussing a commission-based arrangement based on the specific details and scale of your lead generation project.

      Leads refer to potential customers actively looking to buy or invest in a product or service. Data only offers you raw information, such as contact details and demographics, which may or may not represent individuals interested in what you are offering.

      Our lead conversion process involves strategic planning, platform selection, ad creation, targeted lead generation, exclusive lead acquisition, CRM integration, and continuous monitoring and optimization. 

      The typical conversion rate varies, but we offer a 40-60% qualified lead guarantee with potential for up to 80% qualified leads after the initial optimization phase. We generally see 2-3% conversions in Noida real estate.

      We create separate campaigns for each client’s project, ensuring exclusive leads. Each campaign has a dedicated manager responsible for optimization. Strategic targeting is employed to provide leads unique to the project we are handling, preventing sharing with competitors.

      We specialise in both B2C and B2B leads, offering custom lead generation services in India tailored to the specific requirements of each type.

      Leveraging our local market expertise in Delhi NCR, we tailor lead generation strategies to focus on specific areas, product categories, and budget ranges aligned with your business objectives. Contact us to discuss this in detail.