Real Estate Lead Generation in Dubai 120 Leads for Damac Lagoons Marbella!

January 5, 2023
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Real Estate Lead Generation in Dubai 120 Leads for Damac Lagoons Marbella!

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DAMAC Lagoons Marbella is a luxurious residential development located in close proximity to the Dubai Marina and JLT. Offering an exclusive lifestyle, the Marbella project provides stunning views of Palm Jumeirah and Sheikh Zayed Road with its unique waterfront location.

DAMAC Lagoons tasked us for our services Real Estate Lead Generation in Dubai finding Indian clients interested in investing in luxury property in Dubai.


Our primary objective was to generate 120 leads in the Indian market who had an interest in investing in luxury property in Dubai. During our research for the project, we found that 20% of the Dubai real estate is owned by Indians. We designed our campaigns for DAMAC Lagoons Marbella based on this knowledge and got an overwhelming response.

The AAJNeeti Strategies

We used various methods and channels to reach our target audience. We created a series of campaigns that focused on engaging potential customers through creative video content and social media ads. Through these campaigns, we were able to create brand visibility and increase the chances of conversions.

When we started the campaign, the cost per lead DAMAC Lagoons was paying for potential Indian buyers was from Rs 1,500 to 2,000. AAJNeeti experts brought the CPL down to 400 rupees.

We ran ads on Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, including retargeting ads on both Meta and Google platforms. They were a huge success, and we were able to drive 120 leads for DAMAC Lagoons Marbella.

To ensure that the target audience was genuinely interested in investing in Dubai, our team followed up with all the leads via email and phone calls. This strategy enabled us to maximize conversions from the campaigns.

Our video ads were a huge hit – generating 65% of responses. This showed that our video content was highly effective as it drove the interest of potential customers and boosted conversions.


Our efforts were successful in creating brand awareness and generating 120 leads for DAMAC Lagoons Marbella within the allotted time frame. We not only achieved our desired goal but also managed to reduce the cost per lead by 80%. 5% of these leads got converted into sales, totaling 6 successful deals.

Overall, we had an amazing experience working with DAMAC Lagoons Marbella and were proud to have accomplished our set goal. We are looking forward to many more such projects in the future!

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