Our Team

Alok Kumar Singh

Master of Words and Numbers

This IIT Delhi graduate isn’t just a tech whiz. Alok is a poet at heart and a master salesperson. He combines his creativity with expertise to engineer digital marketing solutions that work for any business.

Amit Kumar singh

Amit Kumar Singh

Vote Whisperer

With 11+ years of experience as a political campaign magician, Amit crafts winning online and offline election campaigns, leveraging social media expertise to make your voice heard across UP and beyond. He understands the pulse of the voters and knows how to connect you with them.

Ashvani Kumar Singh

Real & Virtual Neta

A political leader himself, Ashvani is the go-to guy for crafting winning election campaigns. He understands the pulse of the voters and translates that knowledge into effective digital strategies.

Rruchi Shrimalli

Wordsmith Wizard

With 25+ years in content creation, Rruchi casts magic with words. From website copy to ad campaigns, blogs, and even video scripts, she crafts compelling content across all formats.

Samir Singh

The Paymaster

A whiz with numbers, scripts and video editing, Samir not only writes captivating content but also ensures everyone in the team gets their well-deserved salaries and incentives on time. (And yes, everyone’s happy!)

Raj Nandini Singh

Sultana of Sales

A star salesperson with an “always ready” attitude, Raj Nandini takes initiative and consistently clinches deals. Her infectious enthusiasm and strategic thinking are instrumental in driving sales growth for the clients.

Dinesh Shah

Lead Pied Piper

With over 7 years of experience, Dinesh is a seasoned lead generator. He recognized Lucknow’s booming real estate market as fertile ground and uses his expertise to attract potential customers.

Utkarsh Parihar

Digital Dragon (Young & Wise)

Don’t be fooled by his age. Utkarsh, with over 5 years of experience, leads the digital marketing team with expertise and efficiency. A true digital powerhouse!

Aishwarya Singh

Aishwarya Singh

Guardian of the Treasury

A B.Com whiz from DU, Aishwarya keeps AAJneeti’s finances healthy and secure. Numbers are her game, ensuring the smooth flow of funds.

Akash Singh

The True Ad-venturer

Lucknow’s ad guru, Akash crafts winning online campaigns that showcase the city’s real estate like a pro. He’s not just a manager, he’s an explorer, conquering the digital landscape.

Aman Agrawal

Click Magnet

With a background in sales and marketing, Aman is the king of attracting attention online. His ad campaigns are like magnets, drawing viewers towards the clients he is working for.

Anish Sehgal

Prince of Persuasion

Charismatic and a true gentleman, Anish isn’t just a salesman; he’s a trusted advisor. His fair approach and client-centricity make him a master of building trust and closing deals.

Beena Negi

Conversion Catalyst

Beena’s boundless energy and dedication are infectious. She’s a go-getter who dives headfirst into her work, treating each campaign as her own.

Charu Gupta

Meta Maestro

A creator at heart, Charu crafts unique and innovative ad campaigns that stand out on the ever-evolving platform of Meta (Facebook, Instagram).

Jagrati Lakhmani

The Yes Magnet

The Yes Magnet

Despite being new to the game (under 2 years!), Jagrati’s charm and salesmanship are undeniable. Saying no to her is practically impossible.

Prakash Bisht

Prakash Bisht

Visual Poet

A master of design and video editing, Prakash crafts stunning visuals without needing an entire team. His headphones, computer, and creativity are his tools of choice.

Rishabh Pandey

Ad Architect

A foodie with a passion for life, Rishabh excels at crafting lead-generating ads. He’s also a Google Ads whiz and a master of catchy headlines.

Raj Tilak Singh

AAJneeti's Swiss Army Knife

The youngest member, Raj wears many hats. From creating campaigns to handling site shoots and tackling miscellaneous tasks, he’s the go-to guy for everything.

Shruti Tiwari

Deal Catcher

Don’t let her quiet demeanour fool you. Shruti, a new teammate, has a knack for attracting potential clients and generating leads. Watch this space!

Last but not the least

Anaya Singh

Queen of AAJneeti

The youngest member and official Chief Entertainment Officer, Anaya brightens everyone’s day with her infectious smile. Whenever she visits, the team perks up, ready to shower her with love and playful fun.