Real Estate Lead Generation in Lucknow

Real Estate Lead Generation in Lucknow

Welcome to AAJneeti Advertising - a premier digital marketing agency - is now in Lucknow.

With over a decade of real estate lead generation expertise and a Google-certified founder, Mr Alok Kumar Singh, our agency ranks among the Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in Delhi/NCR and Uttar Pradesh.

As a Google Partner, we specialise in creating, managing, and optimising advanced online advertising campaigns, leveraging the latest technologies to help businesses navigate the complexities of initiation or expansion.

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    AAJneeti Opens Its New Office in Lucknow


    Tower B1, 8th Floor
    DLF My Pad
    Gomti Nagar, Vibhuti Khand
    Lucknow, UP - 226010

    Lucknow is the city where AAJneeti was born. If you haven’t already noticed, the name of our business sounds a lot like ‘Raajneeti’ (Hindi for ‘Politics’) and that’s because Alok started foraying into digital marketing while campaigning for politicians right here – in this ‘City of Nawabs’.

    We love the city – and always wanted to come back here. Our Delhi-NCR business took off and we got busy. Several times, in the last 5-6 years, we discussed opening up an office in Lucknow – and finally, this year, on December 5, 2023, it has happened! We now have a presence here – right in the middle of your burgeoning city.

    We are all set to promote upcoming residential societies and commercial real estate projects in Lucknow, some of the prestigious educational institutions here, and generate leads for businesses and hospitals (and the healthcare sector in general) in and around the city. We want to use our expertise in digital marketing to increase your brand visibility, promote your products and services, attract more customers, and ensure your campaigns are successful.

    We invite you to our new office in Lucknow in Gomti Nagar and check out how we can be a worthy partner for your success!

    Services Offered

    Our Specialized Real Estate Lead Generation Service for Lucknow:

    Establishing Your Brand

    Carve a niche presence in the Lucknow real estate market through our comprehensive online strategies. We position you as a prominent name in the industry to help you attract high-quality real estate leads for all your ongoing and upcoming projects.

    Targeting High Net-Worth Investors

    Our meticulously crafted approaches are designed to attract exclusive real estate leads of high net-worth individuals - ensuring that your project garners the attention of the right investors.

    Expediting Sales

    Our property sales leads will help you streamline your sales process. With us, you can strategically develop a pipeline of interested customers and foster accelerated sales.

    Maintaining Online Reputation

    Besides offering you targeted property leads, we can also help you proactively monitor online sentiments and promptly address any negative feedback.

    Whether you are looking for residential property leads or commercial real estate leads, our customised lead generation services in Lucknow can take your business prospecting process to the next level.

    Channels and Strategies

    Our Lead Generation Channels and Strategies for Lucknow Real Estate Clients

    In our comprehensive real estate lead generation strategies tailored for our clients in Lucknow, we leverage various online platforms, including Google, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, to ensure a diversified and effective approach. Our goal is to capture high-quality real estate leads that align with the unique characteristics of each client’s property projects.

    Search Ads

    Positioned strategically to capture users actively searching for real estate in Lucknow.

    Display Ads

    Utilised for broader reach, showcasing visually appealing ads across the Google Display Network.

    Search Ads are excellent for targeting users actively seeking property-related information. Display Ads, while offering broader exposure, may have a lower conversion rate.

    Carousel Ads

    Displaying multiple property images in a single ad.

    Video Ads

    Engaging visuals to showcase properties.

    Look-Alike Ads

    Targeting users similar to existing leads. These ads are great for re-targeting users who have been checking out your property ads or website earlier and abandoned mid-way for some reason - or those who have been searching for similar properties in your location.

    Carousel and Video Ads enhance visual appeal, driving engagement. Look-Alike Ads extend reach to audiences with similar interests but might require careful monitoring to refine targeting.

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    Targeting professionals interested in real estate.

    LinkedIn Ads

    Utilising the platform's robust professional network.

    LinkedIn is effective for B2B real estate ventures or upscale residential properties. It may have a higher cost per click, but the leads are often of higher quality. They are great for targeting high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth individuals (HNIs and UHNIs).

    We formulate the best combination of these ads based on the unique characteristics of each project – considering the type (residential or commercial), size, price range, purpose, and location. This customised approach ensures that our clients receive leads tailored to their specific needs.

    In certain cases, we extend our reach to platforms like YouTube and Twitter. YouTube Video Ads can be powerful for showcasing property walkthroughs, while Twitter is effective for real-time updates and engagement. We deploy these platforms when there’s a need for dynamic visual content or when a more interactive and real-time approach is beneficial.

    In conclusion, our lead generation services prioritise high-quality real estate leads for our Lucknow clients by strategically combining different ad types on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The flexibility to incorporate YouTube and Twitter ensures a comprehensive strategy that aligns with the unique characteristics of each real estate project.

    Our Process

    AAJneeti's Online Real Estate Lead Generation Process

    At AAJneeti, our comprehensive online real estate lead generation process is designed to provide our clients in Lucknow with high-quality leads and deliver tangible results. Here is an overview of our systematic approach:


    Strategic Planning

    We begin by understanding the unique characteristics of our client’s real estate projects, considering factors such as their type, sizes available, pricing plan, purpose, and location advantages. This strategic planning phase ensures a tailored lead generation strategy aligned with our client’s specific needs.


    Platform Selection and Optimization

    We leverage key online platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to reach a diverse audience. Our team optimises the use of various ad formats, including Display Ads, Search Ads, Look-Alike Ads, Video Ads, and Carousel Ads, to maximise visibility and engagement.


    Ad Creation and Placement

    We craft compelling and visually-appealing ads as well as ad copies that serve as lead magnets. Then, we deploy them strategically on selected platforms. Our focus is on targeting prospective home buyers and real estate prospects in Lucknow and nearby areas through precise demographics and geographic parameters.


    Targeted Lead Generation

    Utilising advanced targeting tools, we ensure that our lead generation efforts are directed towards a specific audience interested in residential or commercial real estate. This targeted approach enhances the quality of leads generated.


    Exclusive Lead Acquisition

    We prioritise exclusive real estate leads, ensuring that our clients receive unique opportunities and minimise competition for the same prospects. This exclusivity enhances the chances of successful lead conversion.


    Continuous Monitoring and Optimization

    Our process involves continuous monitoring of ad performance and lead metrics. We optimise campaigns based on real-time data and your feedback – ensuring that our strategies remain effective and aligned with evolving market dynamics.

    Results We Offer

    AAJneeti's Online Real Estate Lead Generation Results We Offer

    High-Quality Real Estate Leads

    Our targeted approach ensures leads of superior quality.

    Real Estate Lead Conversion

    We focus not just on quantity but on converting leads into prospective buyers.

    Customised Lead Generation

    Tailoring strategies to fit the specific requirements of each real estate project.

    Localised Presence

    We concentrate on generating local property leads in Lucknow to enhance relevance.

    AAJneeti’s commitment to delivering results in real estate lead generation is reflected in our strategic approach, ensuring that our clients receive a steady flow of exclusive, high-quality leads that contribute to the success of their projects.

    Our Role in Lead Generation for Real Estate in Lucknow

    AajNeeti’s role in your real estate project is to find leads that are easily convertible to deals. We help you increase sales by generating leads through our research, online ads, content marketing, and social media outreach.

    Our Clients

    Lucknow Real Estate Clients

    Success Stories

    Real Estate Lead Generation Success Stories from Lucknow

    AajNeeti’s best real estate lead generation services deliver quality leads that turn into sales. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you grow your business!

    Local Market Expertise

    AAJneeti, with its in-depth knowledge of the local real estate market in Lucknow, has a clear understanding of the factors influencing property prices, the demand for different property types, and the dynamics of various neighbourhoods in the city. This local market expertise positions AAJneeti as a valuable resource for clients looking to find investors or buyers for their real estate projects in Lucknow.

    Understanding Local Trends:

    AAJneeti comprehensively grasps the factors influencing property prices in Lucknow. We consider the impact of strategic location, connectivity to major hubs, proximity to amenities, and the ongoing infrastructure development on our clients’ product prices – and help them attract the right buyers and investors based on their budget and preferences.

    Target high Net Worth Investors for your real estate business

    AAJneeti has a nuanced understanding of different neighbourhoods in Lucknow, such as the iconic Hazratganj, rapidly developing Gomti Nagar and Shaheed Path, and affordable Alambagh. This knowledge allows AAJneeti to tailor its services to clients based on their lifestyle preferences, ensuring that the offered properties align with the client’s needs.

    AAJneeti recognizes the diverse range of properties available in Lucknow, from luxurious farmhouses to high-end as well as affordable apartments to independent houses and plots. The understanding of the demand for each property type allows AAJneeti to design property ads that align with the potential clients’ specific requirements.

    Our team of experts monitors the web 24/7 to ensure that your brand is not being misrepresented or attacked with negativity.

    AAJneeti keeps abreast of market trends, upcoming developments, and investment opportunities in Lucknow. This knowledge enables AAJneeti to advise clients on potential aspects of their properties to attract more buyers.

    Benefits for Lead Generation Service:

    Customised Lead Generation

    AAJneeti can offer a highly customised lead generation service to its clients. By leveraging its knowledge of local trends, AAJneeti can tailor lead generation strategies based on the preferences and objectives of potential property buyers in Lucknow.

    Targeted Marketing

    AAJneeti can employ targeted marketing strategies by focusing on the specific neighbourhoods, property types, and budget ranges that are currently in demand. This ensures that the leads generated are more likely to convert into successful transactions.

    Get help in real estate lead generation for making faster sales

    AAJneeti’s local market expertise allows for effective client education. The company can inform potential buyers about the factors influencing property prices, guide them on making well-informed decisions, and provide insights into the potential returns on investment.

    Competitive Edge

    AAJneeti’s deep understanding of the local market gives it a competitive edge in offering lead generation services. Clients are more likely to trust property ads that are informative and are closer to the truth while highlighting the best aspects of the offering.

    In conclusion, AAJneeti’s local market expertise in Lucknow positions the company as a trusted partner for clients seeking real estate opportunities. The ability to navigate and interpret local trends enhances AAJneeti’s lead generation services, providing clients with a distinct advantage in the competitive real estate market.

    Pricing and Packages

    AAJneeti offers flexible and effective models for running paid ads to generate real estate leads in Lucknow, catering to the diverse needs of our clients. You can opt for either our Cost Per Lead (CPL) Model or the Retainership Model as we provide you with personalised solutions for successful lead generation campaigns.

    Cost Per Lead (CPL) Model:

    Under the CPL model, clients pay based on the number of leads generated through our paid advertising campaigns. This transparent and performance-driven approach ensures that clients only pay for tangible results – actual leads interested in real estate properties in Lucknow. 

    The cost per lead may vary based on factors such as the type of property (residential or commercial), location, and other project-specific considerations.

    Real Estate Lead Generation India
    Generate leads for real estate and get more customers with AAJneeti
    Pricing and Packages

    Retainership Model:

    Our Retainership model is designed for clients seeking ongoing lead generation services. In this model, clients pay a fixed monthly retainer fee for a comprehensive package that includes continuous monitoring, optimization, and strategic adjustments to ensure a steady flow of high-quality real estate leads. 

    The retainer fee is determined based on the scale of the campaign, the frequency of ad placements, and the specific goals of the client.

    Pricing and Packages

    Factors Influencing:

    The exact pricing for our paid advertising services depends on various factors, including:

    • Type of Property: Residential or commercial
    • Property Price Range: The value of the properties being advertised
    • Geographical Focus: Targeting specific localities within Lucknow
    • Lead Quality Requirements: Tailoring campaigns for exclusive and high-quality leads
    • Campaign Scale: The extent of the advertising efforts and platforms utilised

    AAJneeti’s approach is client-centric, ensuring that our pricing models align with the unique goals and specifications of each real estate project. Whether opting for CPL or Retainership, clients can expect a transparent price quote and a customised strategy aimed at delivering targeted, exclusive, and high-converting real estate leads in Lucknow.

    Real Estate Lead Generation India

    How to Get Started?

    Ready to elevate your real estate ventures in Lucknow? Get a stream of exclusive and high-quality leads with AAJneeti’s tailored lead generation services. 

    Inquire today to discover how our CPL and Retainership models can drive your success.

    Tower B1, 8th Floor
    DLF My Pad
    Gomti Nagar, Vibhuti Khand
    Lucknow, UP - 226010

    Phone No: 7536816478
    Email Address: [email protected]

      Your Questions & Our Answers

      Frequently Asked Questions

      A lead generation service is about systematically identifying and attracting potential customers or clients interested in a particular product or service. In real estate, it is about generating prospects who express interest in buying or investing in your properties.

      The minimum price for our real estate lead generation service in Lucknow depends on factors such as the type of property (residential or commercial), geographical focus, and lead quality requirements. Please contact us for a personalised quote based on your specific needs.

      We work on Cost Per Lead (CPL) and Retainership models. However, we are open to discussing a commission-based arrangement based on the specific details and scale of your real estate project in Lucknow.

      Leads refer to potential customers who have expressed interest in a product or service, such as individuals actively looking to buy or invest in real estate. 

      Data, on the other hand, is raw information, including contact details and demographics, which may or may not represent individuals interested in real estate.

      Our lead conversion process involves strategic planning, platform selection, ad creation, targeted lead generation, exclusive lead acquisition, CRM integration, and continuous monitoring and optimization. The typical conversion rate varies, but we offer a 40-60% qualified lead guarantee with potential for up to 80% qualified leads after the initial optimization phase. We generally see 2-3% conversions in Lucknow real estate.

      We create separate campaigns for each project of each client to prevent leads from being shared with competitors. Each campaign has a dedicated campaign manager who is responsible for optimising it and generating best results for you.

      Also, we use strategic targeting to help you get leads unique to the real estate project in Lucknow you are promoting.

      We specialise in both residential and commercial real estate leads. Our custom lead generation services in Lucknow are designed to cater to the specific requirements of each type – providing targeted prospects for various property projects.

      Our local market expertise in Lucknow allows us to understand the factors influencing property prices, neighbourhood dynamics, and demand for different property types. By leveraging this knowledge, we tailor our lead generation strategies to focus on the specific areas, property types, and budget ranges that align with your real estate business objectives.