Real Estate Lead Generation By Listing on Google My Business

September 29, 2020
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Real Estate Lead Generation By Listing on Google My Business

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In this article, we will discuss how Google my business listing can help us in generating Real estate lead generation.

A real estate lead refers to the name and contact of a potential customer who could be interested in your real estate product. 

Google My Business for real estate lead generation

google my business

Google My Business is probably the most used and easiest platform to achieve the goals of getting local business. Everyone knows about this like a cute dog knows how to get something by using its puppy eyes. If you can’t figure out what I’m talking about, search “real estate agents near me.”

Real estate agents near me
Real estate agents near me

Eventually, a map will pop up and you’ll get a list of real estate agents near you.

When you can find real estate agents by just clicking the search button then is it so hard to become one yourself? No, right? Register yourself on Google My Business and get free calls from buyers and get free from all the hassles too.

How to register as a real estate agent at google my business?

What does google my business do?

If you haven’t listed your real estate business on Google My Business yet, then do it now. Most of the prospects nowadays do google search on their smartphones to find real estate agents, projects, or any sort of local business. Therefore, by listing on Google My Business you’ll not only appear in their searches but on google Maps also.

Listing on Google My Business makes you highly visible on Google searches too. As a Google business profile, all of your information like your address, description, opening hours, contact information, photos and reviews, business location, the website will be added, with an area code pin, on Google Maps and therefore, the people searching for real estate agents in the area will know your exact location.

Opening a Google My Business account

To get started you simply need to click on and set up your account. 

Now fill in all your information and Google will ask you to verify your address. You should be able to receive a postcard or a letter at this address so choose your address wisely. After verifying that you’ll be off to the races.

What is Google My Business Listings?

A Google My Business Listing is literally like “putting your business on the map.”

Information that you can add to your Google Business Listing includes:

  • Business name
  • Category, like Real Estate Agency 
  • Contact details
  • Location
  • Opening and closing times
  • Service areas
  • Website url
  • list your services/products
  • Short bio
  • Google Assistant calls (You can check and then Google Assistant will be able to call to your business from simple voice command)
Google Assistant Calls
Google Assistant Calls
  • Branded banner images
  • Images of your business 
  • Appointment links (You can share a link if there is any to book appointment)

Benefits of using Google My Business

benefits of google my business for real estate lead generation

Using Google My business is extremely easy and it has many benefits for generating leads for your business. After filling in all the listing details mentioned above you are now ready to enjoy the benefits offered by it, like, for instance-

  • Improved Listings for Branded Search 
    When someone searches for your real estate business directly, they’ve already exhibited a significant interest in seeing what your business is offering. Moreover, Google My Business boosts your presence by promoting the page with detailed information about your company including all the details that you’ve mentioned. This way, prospects can begin learning all about your business before they even visit your website and can become your leads.
  • Boosting your business on Google Search and Maps 
    Google My Business also helps your company to emerge out when people search for businesses like yours, or services relating to real estate in your area. If a prospect searches for “real estate agents in (your town),” your business will be pinned on the local map and your search listing will include all your information that might attract them in contacting you for the services you provide.
  • Simple SEO Benefits 

Although Google My Business isn’t a replacement for SEO still it can help you in the process while you get your organic real estate SEO up and running. If you want exclusive real estate leads then Google is the place to start.

  • Customer reviews are crucial

Reviews from your former clients act as social proof for your business. Your review rating will get highlighted prominently in your search listing and businesses with higher ratings are more popular than businesses with low or no ratings. So, if you want your clients to be confident about your business before they even contact you directly, earning reviews and ratings is an exquisite initiation.

  • Google My Business Analytics 

Isn’t it helpful to know exactly how users are connecting to your search listing and considering your business on Google? Therefore, Google My Business emails you a report at the end of every month with all the details about your business interaction with the users. It will tell you the number of prospects who visited your website from your Google My Business listing, how many found your business on Google, how many clicked to call directly, and even how many asked for directions.

analytics of google my business

Real estate lead management system

Real estate is like a business to a business transaction, each lead needs months to consider before taking action.

During that time, prospects often do plenty of independent research. They want help from an expert who can verify and make corrections in their apprehensions and help them navigate the transaction.

Hence, these are some of the most crucial points to remember while managing your leads:

  • Connect with your leads and help them understand the process.
  • Maintain and develop a relationship with your leads until they are ready to act.
  • Foster trust by providing clear evidence that you’re the expert your leads need
  • Connect with your leads and help them understand the process.

How to verify your Google My Business Listing?

First of all you will have to fill all the fields and provide the basic information. afterthat you need to verify the address so for that google sends postcard with verification code printed inside.

But you will have to request one like this

How to verify your Google My Business Listing
This is how all the listings will be shown, you need to click on enter verification, and enter the code you have received via post

This is how postcard looks like and code will be written inside the post.

Google my business verification pin postcard

Then you can enter your pincode here

You need to enter the code here, which you will recieve from via post from Google to verifiy your address.

Other Lead Generation Platforms

Here are these free online lead generation platforms that are overlooked but you still aren’t taking their advantage in your real estate business. With the help of these platforms you can get free real estate leads;

1. Nextdoor

Nextdoor is like Facebook for neighborhoods. It doesn’t sound too inventive, but it’s a relatively new social media platform that is address based.

Essentially, it allows you to share posts in your neighborhood. Yard sales, neighborhood watch, and community events are more popular on it these days but this platform is just waiting for real estate agents to get the most out of it.

The job function of a real estate agent is to know the market and the community. Update your neighbors about the new developments, open houses, and their market value, all with a helpful attitude.

The things that cringe you on Facebook, feels informative on Nextdoor.

So, the only thing now left is to claim your business and do that by clicking the “claim your business” button.

Above all, if you’re the first one to list your business for real estate on Nextdoor then it will be the first one to be looked at on Google.

2. LinkedIn

I know you’ve heard about LinkedIn too but you still don’t use it.

If you want to talk about the real estate market then LinkedIn is the aptest place to do that. Do a video market update, blog about the market, and post it. If your connections find it useful they’ll also share it with others.

There are multiple lead generation options on LinkedIn from paid advertising to joining groups. Thus, LinkedIn is an appropriate platform to build your real estate business.

You can also try to run INSTAGRAM ADS for lead generation.

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