Real Estate Lead Generation India

Real Estate Lead Generation India

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At AAJneeti, we specialize in Real Estate Lead Generation India and our best Real Estate Lead Generation Services can deliver up to 100 leads per project per day.

We work withtop notch builders and broker firms and have a proven track record in helping them increase their sales pipeline and close more business. We connect you with individuals who have expressed interest in your property, project, or development and want to know more about it.

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    Upto 80%

    Qualified Leads

    2 to 6%

    Conversion Ratio

    Up to 100

    Qualified Leads Per Day

    Upto 50

    Sales Per Project
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    Get More Than You Expect!

    At AajNeeti, we believe the long-term association with our clients will make our business sustainable. Hence, we always deliver more than what clients expect from us. This has been our key mantra since the inception of our company. That’s why we have been here for more than a decade and still have clients with us from the very beginning.

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    Best Real Estate Lead Generation India

    AAJNeeti is the Real Estate Lead Generation Company, because we deliver quality leads that turn into sales. We have a team of experienced digital marketers who know how to spend your advertising budget wisely and get you in front of the right people.

    We also have a technology platform that allows us to track, measure, and optimize our campaigns in real-time so we can continually improve our results. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you grow your business! Best Real Estate Lead Generation Company in Delhi NCR and Noida, India.

    Our Role in Lead Generation for Real Estate in India

    AajNeeti’s role in your real estate project is to find leads that are easily convertible to deals. We help you increase sales by generating leads through our research, online ads, content marketing, and social media outreach.

    We Help You:

    Become a Well-Known In Real Estate Company

    Become a Well-Known in Real estate industry

    People only trust big brands when it comes to buying property. We help you become a big brand by getting your name out there through our online marketing efforts.

    Target high Net Worth Investors for your real estate business

    Target High Net Worth Investors

    The best leads are high net worth individuals who are looking for good investment opportunities. We know how to find these individuals and get them interested in your project.

    Get help in real estate lead generation for making faster sales

    Make Faster Sales

    We prepare the sales pipeline with interested customers so your sales team can focus on closing deals. This accelerates the sales process and helps your business grow.

    Our team of experts monitors the web 24/7 to ensure that your brand is not being misrepresented or attacked with negativity.

    Do Online Reputation Management

    In the world of real estate, bad name can kill your business. We help you manage your online reputation by monitoring what people are saying about you online and responding to any negative reviews or articles on a timely basis.

    Success Stories

    Real Estate Lead Generation Campaign

    AajNeeti's best real estate lead generation services deliver quality leads that turn into sales. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you grow your business!
    AajNeeti specialists can

    Aajneeti's, best real estate lead generation India services to help your business at every stage, including:

    • Get the customers to make an enquiry about the new project
    • Help with the decision-making process
    • Generate leads and get assistant closing deals
    • Help with up-trades and cross-selling
    • Handle any dissatisfaction or challenges with leads and process
    • Revive an inactive or slow-moving project
    Real Estate Lead Generation India

    The AajNeeti Advantage

    Why Choose Us

    AajNeeti has a team of experienced real estate marketing professionals who have worked on some of the biggest projects in India.

    We can help you rank higher on search engines, both locally and globally. We are experts in all aspects of digital marketing, from online ads to social media outreach.

    We have a proven track record of generating 4000 leads with 3.5 % conversion for many clients, including bhutani Infra, Gaursons group, Gulshan group, Godrej properties, ATS properties, Mahagun group We deal with different types of projects and clients, so we know what it takes to succeed.

    Our cutting-edge technology platform for real estate lead generation India allows us to track, measure, and optimize our campaigns in real-time. In addition, we conduct in-depth market research to understand your target audience and their requirements.

    We focus on generating quality leads that turn into sales, so you can be assured of an excellent return on investment. We offer competitive prices and tailor our services to fit your budget.

    Strategies We Use

    To Attract Real Estate Customers

    • Promoting Real Estate Project Online
    • Making Promotional and Creative Videos to Showcase Customers What They Need
    • We Do Online Reputation Management Promoting Positive Feedback from Viewers
    • Optimizing Campaigns according to Insights Gained from Call Responses
    • Developing an Effecting Cohesive Marketing Strategy
    • Establishing Your Local Presence
    • Creating Content to Engage Targeted Customers
    • Increasing Your Search Result Visibility
    • Optimizing Your Website for Better Ranking and Better User Experience
    • Re-targeting Customers to Nudge Them in their Decision Making Process which is Positive for You
    Generate leads for real estate and get more customers with AAJneeti
    Join hands with us to find more customers!

    We Help You:

    • Shortlist Look-Alike Audience for Meta+ and Google Ads (Audience with Similar Profiles as Customers Who Have Bought Similar Properties)
    • Get at least 200 Hot Leads Per Week
    • Monitor Follow-ups On Qualified Leads in Real-Time
    • Generate Quality Leads with 50% Conversion Rate or More

    Looking to Sell Your Real Estate Property?

    AajNeeti’s expertise lies in lead generation for real estate in india’s residential and commercial properties. For real estate lead generation India, we have a team of experienced real estate professionals who will help you market your property and find the right buyers. We use the latest technology and marketing strategies to promote your property and generate leads.

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      Your Questions & Our Answers

      Frequently Asked Questions

      We understand your project, make landing pages, microsites, and promotional creatives, create promotional videos, find relevant keywords for PPC campaigns, shortlist look-alike audience on Meta+ platforms (Facebook and Instagram) and run relevant campaigns, integrate campaigns with our CRM to generate real-time leads, forward them to your callers, and monitor those calls in real-time. Contact our experts to know more.

      The best lead generation ideas for real estate in India include using virtual tours, creating informative blog posts, offering referral incentives, networking with industry professionals, and running targeted Facebook ads.

      The earnings of a real estate agent in India depend on their experience, location, and negotiation skills. On average, a real estate agent in India earns around INR 2.5 lakh per year.

      The number of real estate companies in India is difficult to estimate as new ones are being established frequently. However, it is estimated that there are around 9,000 real estate companies in India.

      Some effective strategies for generating real estate leads include focusing on local SEO, attending industry events, using email marketing campaigns, offering free consultations, and creating valuable content such as videos and infographics.

      To generate real estate leads online, you can create a website with a lead capture form, optimize your website for search engines, use social media to promote your listings and engage with potential buyers, and run targeted digital ads. AAJneeti as a real estate lead generation company helped many realtors to reach their target audiences through its best real estate lead generation services.