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51 Ways To Generate Real Estate Leads

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Real estate leads generation is a marketing mechanism that increases the interest in a product or service to create a sales pipeline. Not only is its lifeblood for real estate investors – an integral part of the sale/purchase process, but the lead generation is also vital to positioning a company for long-term success. Don’t worry; generating-leads in real estate will take your company to the next level, helping it prosper with a steady stream of new potential clients.

real estate leads

Real estate leads will usually come from a mix of referrals, ads, trade shows, direct mailings, and other marketing campaigns, but they can come from anywhere. In its simplest form, a leader is a potential customer who shows interest in your business—it could range from sharing your contact information, meeting you at a networking conference, or even commenting on your social media post. A successful real estate management campaign aims to turn the lead into a possibility, then a customer, and finally, a closed client.

The state of the generation of real estate leads managers is continually changing. What gave great leads at a reasonable rate a few months ago may not work today.

Here are 51 creative real estate leads generation ideas to keep your business going off the hook in 2020.

1. Increase the response rate with Facebook Messenger Ads

There is an issue with conventional types of lead generation—there are so many steps. Each phase in the process is an opportunity to lead to a lack of interest or otherwise to a decline in the lead generation process. Contrast that with Facebook Messenger lead advertising, where a person has the option to start a live conversation by clicking on an ad rather than filling out a form—eliminating a few steps in the conversion process.

What’s cool about this ad is that you give the lead the chance to start a conversation with you without giving up their valuable contact information, which might mean more leads at a lower cost and better response times.

2. Use the Smart CRM to produce lead while you sleep

The CRM application will take your company to the next level. This programme allows you to monitor your leads in a single location, enabling you to see where they lie in the sales cycle and give them the right message in time to boost your operation overall.

Many people think that getting started is the hardest thing to do in real estate. But most people have never attempted to scale up a profitable real estate company. Our representatives and clients will need us 24/7.

Luckily now it’s 2020, so we’ve got applications that use patent-pending tools to analyze lead activity. Even better, they’re generating those leads for you so that you can concentrate on closing and generating leads while you’re asleep.

3. Use Marketing Automation Tool 

You are likely to see a rise in participation if you add marketing automation software to your real estate website.   

Message bots are a practical example of marketing automation. They can do a few things:

  • Engage the visitors on your Real Estate website or blog
  • Send targeted messages to your target consumer segments.
  • Send detailed messages according to the history of the visitor’s browsing.

4. Use Predictive Analytics to get lead and farm your local area

Predictive analytics has been on the top of real estate marketing for a few years now, but it has stormed the stage and captured the spotlight with the advent of online applications. These applications use hundreds of data points from across the internet and your local MLS to decide which property owners in your targeted geographic area will most likely sell this year.

Instead of advertising to the whole city, you should concentrate on property owners who are more likely to sell and make sure you’re the first Realtor they’re talking to.

5. Promote your testimonials

It would help if you gave your clients a connection to leave an online review after each transaction. It is up to you whether you are directing them to Google, your website, or any property search pages. But ensure you get your reviews. Bonus products, if you have authorization for your marketing material to use their analysis, such as your website or social media posts.

6. Paid Advertisement for Your Real Estate Business and Website

Paid search ads may not be the cheapest alternative, but they certainly give real estate agents a chance to generate real estate leads – quality ones too! It may also help your current listings, which is important because visibility is essential in real estate marketing.

One solution is to put up your advertising instead of paying for these inconveniences. Two types of paid ads: social media ads and paid search ads, are available. Knowing your target audience is essential for paid ads. You will need to know what stage of the purchase/sale process you are in with social media ads.

If you want to create leads for your real estate business using paid ads, make sure that your digital marketing plan is more comprehensive and that you don’t just focus on paid ads. Only paying for advertisements will empty a hole in your pocket quickly.

7. Get Your Expertise to News Outlets

Most people don’t think about pitching their listings to news outlets, but it’s shockingly proven to be one of the effective techniques to get many leads out exceptionally quickly. The media attention response will blow you away every time.

Don’t you have the New York Times-worthy listings? You can also sell your experience to journalists on platforms like HARO or by following the hashtag #journorequest on Twitter.

8. Scrutinize Your Leads

Since most of the people who receive your newsletters and other promotional emails already have the guidelines in your framework, it offers insight into your database and encourages the generation of Leads by different criteria. This is where the segmentation of the lead enters. You can classify the leads by following some guidelines with several criteria:

  • How often your website viewers check your contact or reply to your emails and messages.
  • Demographic details of the Viewers
  • Relevant habits vary from replying to your mails or downloading a specific e-guide

Building on this information, you can adapt all aspects of your approach to your segments: emails, instructional materials and communication nature and frequency with your customers.

9.  Try Google Ranking Posts for Luxury or Historical Lists

Too many people assume that the time has elapsed to rank articles organically on Google successfully—mainly targeting ranking opinion articles for specific property addresses and then presenting ‘the rest of the story’ so that prospective buyers can read your views on the strengths and weaknesses of the property. It fits particularly well for very high-end or historic properties. The buyer can hear your tone and make sense of your personality and some truthful insight into the property they consider purchasing.

10. Learn how to rate your website on Google by creating quality backlinks

When doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your website, focus on linking back to your site from important sites to your business. Whatever you do, don’t conduct shady, backlink building practices. SEO will not generate leads for your business immediately, but over time, your organic lead flow will increase, which will significantly boost your ROI for your business.

11. Build an Avatar for your ideal client and then aim it on social media.

Build an ‘avatar’ of your ideal client—earnings, personal likings, personality, age, family members, and hobbies. Then post a relatable stream of videos and blogs to all social media outlets—all about that material. If you are involved, start running and cycling and post updates to your activities. If they have school-aged children, attend school sports activities, concerts, plays, and posts about them. Restaurants, wine lovers, religious activities, sporting events, cycling, swimming, and social causes—identify your perfect customer, then get interested in the things they do.

12. Become a Trusted Source of Real Estate Knowledge on Facebook Groups

You don’t have to build one, but get joined in one. For example, build a survey to find out what is keeping you away from buying a home? And then approach people individually in a very informal way. The trick is to come up with innovative content that makes people want to participate, stay consistent, and evaluate the impact. You will  see so many agents who let these stuff go until they see immediate results or start to get busy.

13. Add a 360-degree image to Google Street View

With the Google Street View app, you can create your 360-degree photos from your listings’ ground floor and upload them instantly. This gives Google more material to the property address index because if anyone has a Google address, this 360 view can be seen on Google Images and Google Maps.

14. Try to give 3D home tours

3D home tours are the right way for online home hunters to feel for home layout and scale before physically engaging. Offering 3D home tours is also a perfect way to separate yourself from other agents in your market.

A 3D tour offers more animation than a stroll. Something can travel around in space, and you can get a 360-degree view of the object.

In reality, a virtual tour and a 3D walkthrough serve as a great complementary way to see the inner possibilities. Adding both of them to your real estate listing will improve your chances of a sale. A 3D real estate transformation benefits include a more convincing look at a property that can address questions for prospective buyers.

15. Send the neighborhoods video tours

Try this: add your smartphone to the dash of your car and drive through your neighborhoods to narrate the locations as you go. This offers prospective buyers a rare insider look at every area, introduces you as a local expert, and gives Google some great content to the index.

A community video tour offers prospective buyers and tenants an immense amount of insight into what it would be like to live in the property you’re selling.

16. Be mobile-friendly

How do mobile devices view your website? Today, buyers and sellers search for properties and details on the property sales process using their phones and tablets. You lose customers when your site does not format to show on these platforms. The good news is that premium themes without manual adjustment code are there to make your website mobile-friendly. 

How do mobile devices view your website? Today, buyers and sellers search for properties and details on the property sales process using their phones and tablets. You lose customers when your site does not format to show on these platforms. The good news is that premium themes without manual adjustment code are there to make your website mobile-friendly.

17. Invest Your Money on PPC Advertisement

Pay-per-click advertising may not be a solution for the long term to produce leads for real estate, but this does contribute to generating the initial flow of traffic. If you’re beginning or starting from Google’s depth, spend a small part of your marketing budget on PPC advertising. You will produce a wealth of real estate, even though you work on a limited budget before you begin to make a difference.

Two big winners are online when it comes to attracting the attention of property, namely PPC advertisement and organic marketing. PPC ads can deliver rapid results. Active searchers who want real estate services are searching for companies that suit the bill. If you are unsure how to produce online leads for real estate business, the pay-per-click promotion will target interesting customers more effectively by showing an ad at the top of Google’s search results or by browsing websites. In any case, PPC ads will help you to get publicity if anyone looks for your services.

18. Create a home finder website, and pay for Google leads

It is sponsored by many top leading companies and the forum for the management follow-up of customer relations (CRM). Expect a gap of 3 to 6 months before your first deal ends, but every month after that, you can start to close business consistently. Tell your lender to share the costs.

19. Take advantage of SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a competent secret tool used by an immobilizing agent. SEO is the foundation for online exploration. It can be not easy, but you can also boost your SEO’s visibility to your website in several ways.

What are the essential SEO factors to keep in Mind?

CTR: the high click rate shows the importance and relevance of your content. In Google Analytics, you can search for your CTR. This is perhaps the most useful way to find out who visits your website.

Engagement: increased loyalty to customers/possible customers would lead to further reference activities.

Social evidence: all this will allow you to build the online authority of your site and help increase the rating of your website by making comments, shares, likes, and statements. Social evidence is often essential to influence potential buyers since it typically won’t suffice for your listings and branding.

20. Develop a niche and own it

People are turning to experts. Or better yet — write a niche blog and connect back to your web. A steady stream of new content will hold the search engine results page at the top of your list.

21. Email Campaign for Real Estate Leads

If you use it right, e-mail is one of the most useful resources available. The email content is insightful and is intended for you as a local real estate professional. Everyone can value the content of this form of e-mail, especially when they are looking for more real estate information. Well-designed content emails will help you gain practical insights into real estate. When the eye of your potential customer is taken by a personalised real estate e-mail, it will just take a few clicks for getting a new lead. An email campaign can be one of the best ways to build real estate leads online.

22. Add property management to your services

Property management services give the real estate company a great expansion opportunity. Cross-promotion is possible, with the buyer and seller customers acquiring new management clients. And real estate management can be very passive if you waste time locating reliable tenants for your customers’ assets. Bonus: Rental markets also increase with the downturn in retail markets, so in a recession, the property management services will provide you with better than average money to counter decreased real estate sales revenues.

23. Be a guest expert

There are so many ways to become a real estate professional for your real estate company and obtain an audience. Be a guest speaker at local schools, report on local TV news, or local radio shows in the property industry. Be the local podcasts and blog guest experts!

24. Boost your presence in social media

Speak about your real estate business on social media; if you’re posting your listings and calling them a day, you’re not doing the right thing about social media. It’s all about dedication. Ask questions, post surveys, tell people to tag a friend who’s the perfect owner for your new listing. You want to increase your share, likes, and views.

25. Try a webinar

However, if the seminars work for you, you want to reach a broader audience and try the webinars. It’s the same stuff, but instead of presenting face-to-face, it’s using a virtual platform.

Real Estate Webinars are among the most straightforward and most powerful media to speak to a broad audience. Real estate brokers have been conducting workshops for buyers and sellers for a very long time. They work because putting on events where you can show your local business experience, and real estate expertise to a broad audience helps draw new clients.

26. Start blogging

Were you aware of content marketing cost, also known as blogging, 62 percent below conventional marketing but three times as high? Too many agents lack too many ideas because they do not understand how blogging leads. See, you’re offering Google more index material every time you publish a blog post. It makes it easier for Google to list your website for Google real estate purchasers and sellers in your area in the search results. You are also the specialist, building trust and holding the eye on it!

27. Build your mailing list

Real Estate is about getting and remaining with prospective customers. It’s an excellent way to construct your mailing list. We like to use lead magnets to allow you to sign up for your mailing list so that you can remain in regular touch.

28. Optimize your Real Estate Website to Generate Leads

It is not an easy job to optimize the website to generate leads. Instead, website optimization is a strategic technique, starting with a clear understanding of the lead generation process, which usually starts with a call to action button and finishes with a contact form filled out by the user. Website optimization consists of various phases that you should follow to optimize your real estate website properly.

Here are a few techniques that you should follow for Optimizing your Website:

  • Increase the number of landing pages
  • Link in a basic CTA to your website
  • Have a personalized CTA as per the needs
  • Start sending Kickback mails to the potential leads
  • Incorporate a Live Chat feature to interact with the viewers and to clarify their doubts.

29. Offer property tax appeals

Property tax appeals are probably the perfect way to prove your property company recession-proof. You will save your customers serious money on their property taxes on a down market while collecting a substantial fee for your efforts. And, think it or not, you know how to make tax appeals on the property now! Most of the time, it just provides your taxing local authorities with the CMA to show how valuable the land is. It is how you can make money by calling for property tax.

30. Buy-and-Hold

By doing more than just transactions, you can grow your property business. How do you broaden your investment portfolio in real Estate? One of the best ways can be buying and holding a property. You make money by 

  1. Appreciation; 
  2. Cash flow rental; 
  3. Tenants pay off their hypothecary debt; and 
  4. Significant tax cuts. 

Perhaps this year, you purchase your first long-term investment property if your only property is your home.

31. Launch a Renter-to-Homeowner Program

A homeowner renter program is a great way to extend your property business! The use of prospecting time is also reasonably cost-effective. The main things include partnering with community apartment buildings, giving everyone who buys a place of residence with you as their agent a lease charge (although behind the scenes, you pay the fee; think of it as a transfer fee to the land manager), and making sure that these localities are the agent of choice for those residents. Get the full information and start your homeowner program this week! This week!

32. Update Your Real Estate Website to increase your Reach

For many reasons, older blogs are typically moved down on Google’s SERP (search engine result page). Try to keep the content up-to-date with developments or events dependent on time. The updated content of your website or blog not only improves your position as an expert, but also eventually enhances your visibility in the search results.

33. Create an eBook

How do you build trust with your clients, build a passive revenue stream, and become an authority on real Estate? Okay, publish an eBook! Concentrate on a real estate niche for full impact. Maybe something unique about real estate investment (tax liabilities, wholesaling, flipping.) or something local (such as a guide to your town and how to fit in as a local one). 

34. Offer online courses

Similar to eBooks, online courses offer the advantages of building trust and generating passive incomes. They take more time and effort to start, but you can also charge more than an eBook for a course. Find out more about online preparation.

35. Buy Unique Sales Lead from Market Leader

Market Leader owns one of the biggest and strongest online home valuation sites. Homeowners use the website to check the value of properties that they are interested in selling. Market Leader then sends out those exclusive leads to agents who demand their ZIP code. This is an efficient and straightforward way to produce seller leads at the beginning of their decision-making process before other agents pitch to them.

36. Sign up to do BPOs, then sell to owners of distraught homes.

When a borrower continues to skip out on mortgage payments, a lender or loan servicer may always order a ‘broker price opinion’ (BPO) on a property if they end up having to foreclose, change a loan, or sell short. They can do so before it is registered as a late payment to a credit agency and well before they file a default notice. This is an early sign of a homeowner that will need to be sold earlier rather than later.

37. Pitch Older Listings which has been Expired

Not only should you reach out to lists that have only expired like anyone else, but you can dig deeper and pay particular attention to those that have passed a year or earlier that have never been relisted. You’ll see that these potential clients decided to sell at some stage, so why don’t you reach out to your clients to see what their objectives are, how they could have changed, and how you might help them reach their objectives? If their goal is to sell sometime in the future, you’re offering to help them with a plan, so they’re ready to hit the ground when the timing is right.

38. Master of Cold Calling 

While your opponent is sitting back waiting for the leads to come in from Instagram or Pinterest, take the bold route, and start calling them individually. Yeah, it’s a little daunting to get hung up, but there’s no better way to make the thick skin you’re going to need to become a top-produced real estate leads agent.

You’re going to need three things to become a cold-calling ninja: a great owner’s (FSBO) script for sale, FSBO leads, and a growing mind and a strong sense of humor.

39. Network with more non-real estate-related activities

If you’re going to events where everybody else is just like you, the chances of meeting quality clients are slim to none.
Instead of going to the same old style, real estate events or networking activities, think outside the box and participate in some non-real estate-related local events. You can meet your next client at a group yoga workshop, a sip and paint night, a book reading, or even a concert.
Just be careful to try to sell’ to the people you meet. Instead, go to an event that you like, join in the conversation flow, and get what you are doing? The question, give them the answer that makes your real estate services reach great heights. Even if you don’t get any new clients, you’re going to spend time doing things you love.

40. Send sales letters to the owners of Absentee

Good old-fashioned letter of sale. There is a distinction between direct mail and drip mail. Mostly in real estate, we call drip mail a ‘direct mail.’ For example, sending postcards twice a month to a geographical farm is not direct mail—despite naming it that—because it’s typically not angling for ‘direct response.’ It’s all about building top-of-mind knowledge and branding. Direct mail has something to do with organizing a vetted and scrubbed list of ideal recipients and then sending a calibrated letter—or a few letters in a row—to get recipients to act within a relatively short timeframe.

Given that the market is adapting pretty much everywhere, we have some clients who give kind and well-founded letters to absentee owners in communities and areas where appreciation has been favorable and where it looks like selling now might be the best thing shortly.

41. Have a financial plan

Financial plans are always a nebulous concept rather than a specific project, like marketing campaigns. Take the time to chart your accounts so you know where the last dollar came from and the next dollar. 

42. Helping clients to work with non-real estate financial needs

As long as you have the experience to avoid breaking trust rules, offering to support your customers with other financial needs can be a perfect way to keep on top of your mind and maximize referrals.

In addition to dealing with buyers and sellers, you should have a background in helping customers meet their financial needs—anything from teaching them how to prepare for a child’s college education to saving for retirement tax-free. This gives you a reason to speak to your clients every year to check-in and change their priorities as needed while developing long-term relationships. The value you bring to your clients helps you to be top-of-the-line when they’re ready to purchase or sell, and it works well for referrals as well.

43. Help your buyers to find an investment, not just a home

Over the years, I have found that real estate agents do not know how to direct their clients by investing in real estate from their primary residence. Most people think you’re buying a house and living in it, selling it and buying another one, but what if they kept the first house and purchased another one and got passive income from the first? You’re going to have honest clients for life if they believe you. You have to direct them down the right direction of when and what to sell based on their needs and expectations for income in the future.

44. Focus on a specific range of prices

Generally, higher-value assets are your best choice because they have higher incomes with fewer transactions. However, if your demand continues to slip, the luxury listings will suffer. So on the downside of the housing market, you could potentially be better off with lower-range listings.

If you are a seller, you and your real estate agent should define (and agree to the land’s estimated value. Let’s assume that you decide that your home is worth about $500K, based on comparable properties sold in your neighborhood and other market factors.

45. Get clear on your clients.

Let me tell you answer #1 of your question: What is your consumer niche as a real estate writer with multiple agents? Ready. Most agents address buyers or vendors. These aren’t niches. The closer your audience gets, the more leads you are going to become customers. I know, because you want to cast a broad net sounds counterintuitive. But you are practically competing in your business with an agent. If your customers are apparent, you can quickly and easily become the top officer in your niche! Center on your place, your marketing strategy.

46. Master your scripts

Not all believe in the immobilizing scripts. However, you know how risky it can be to work without them if you have ever been stubborn by customer objection. You created your hands naturally if you were around for a long time. And if you’re new to the business, give yourself a strong foundation by taking creative writings to fit your unique personality.

47. Channel accounts

Figure out who controls the professional markets, and then call these people directly. Tale to them now and then, and you want to make sure they are in good hands; you have clients who need a good lawyer, accountant, insurance agent, etc. Figure out your company’s database. Schedule your channel accounts for a particular period per week and refer them to new businesses or review current referrals. Many salespersons are aware of the importance of a reference and will go out and return the favor. Before you know, you’re going to get sales contracts out of your ears.

48. Invest in real estate business without owning individual properties

We’ve already addressed how to expand your real estate business by investing in real estate. However, what if you don’t want the ownership and management of a property portfolio? Find maybe one of the many ways to invest without land ownership in real estate.

49. Introduce your life insurance agent

A lot of people talk to life insurance brokers every week. Not only are they private to the present financial condition of their customers, but they also know the long-term personal and financial intentions of their customers – as if they intend to purchase or sell a home. It’s a good idea to visit your life insurance provider after each closing with your client to check your coverage. A family with a bigger mortgage will also need to strengthen measures to defend themselves against unexpectedness.

50. Work with personal bankers.

Before searching out an agent, many homebuyers go to their bank to make sure they obtain a loan. Not everybody has a link with a lender, so they will visit their local branch and speak to their banker. Bankers will usually refer their lenders to unrepresented buyers. You will eliminate your opportunity to monitor consumer service if you are not part of the team with the banker and mortgage lender. Everybody knows that if you find the ideal home, it will savor everybody to get a bad lender.

What will you do with the banking company? Try introducing your banker to customers after closing and showing them how beautiful they are. If your customers do not follow the same ZIP code, it is doubtful that they have a nearby banking contact and will need one.

51. Find a suitable commercial lender.

Like financial advisors, commercial lenders enjoy the same degree of confidence for their clients and will give you a lot of business. It is a win-win to make these introductions to your self-employed buyers and sellers. When you find an excellent business lender, it can help open your real estate business account with the bank as a gesture of goodwill.

Final Words

There is no immediate solution for creating the very first real estate leads. You’ve got to do a lot of hard work to nurture your friendship with others. You need to grind out a method and spend time and energy in creating workflows.

And even after you’ve completed your first year, there’s still no work to be done (though if you’ve designed your workflows, it should be a little easier). It’s a long and constant journey, but it’s worth it because you’re going to run a profitable, sustainable real estate company.

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