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July 27, 2020
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Do you want to know about Facebook lead ads? Look nowhere else, we have all the information gathered for you.

Facebook ranks no.1 on the list of social media ad platforms marketers want to learn more about, with 72% marketers interested in Facebook ads.

Facebook is the largest social media platform to stand with 700 million monthly active users. It is the fastest way to reach the masses immediately. Its user-friendly interface and navigation allow people to enter the social media interaction circuit without much hassle. Even for start-ups and businesses, a Facebook page gives information about their products so that the brand can grow its reach online. Every visual, text, graphic or layout promotes the brand. Then why wouldn’t a marketer use Facebook lead ads, right?

Facebook’s easy accessibility made it very popular among a wide range of people. It is user-friendly, which is why the people who struggle with technology are also able to use Facebook. Even though the motive of Facebook was to help in reconnecting people or keeping in touch, it soon became a part of the marketing strategy of many businesses as they could target audiences closely and issues advertisements directly to the prospective customers or the products or services.

One of the prominent factors contributing to Facebook’s success is its multi-functionality. It provides access to websites spread around the globe with a single access login. No wonder why both business organizations and people are invested in this platform.

Facebook is the most used platform for ads with 70% marketers using it, followed by Instagram which is used by 41% marketers, according to the Social Media Marketing Industry Report 2020 by Social Media Examiner.

It also ranks first in the usage section with 94% marketers still using Facebook as their favorite platform to carry out marketing activities.

And not just for marketers, Facebook is the largest social media platform as of now for the entire world. It has 2.6 billion active accounts and more than 1.7 billion users scrolling through their Facebook feed each day.

As you can see, even two years back Facebook was the most widely used social media platform with 2 billion active users.

These were just some basic facts and statistics about Facebook to make you understand how important the platform is in today’s time of digital marketing. And Facebook lead ads are just a part of the marketing plan.

Facebook Lead Ads

facebok leads

Facebook lead ads are basically promoted forms. These forms allow potential customers to input their details while marketers offer them opportunities to connect. It could be via demo requests, newsletter subscriptions, or contest registration.

When someone clicks on a FB lead ad, they are shown a form that has their basic information already filled from their Facebook profile. It makes the process simpler and the rest of the steps are pretty easy to be carried out.

A great feature of lead ads is that they are optimized for mobiles which makes it convenient for 96% of Facebook users who actively use the platform via their mobile phones. Also since it usually takes 40% longer to fill out forms on a desktop.

Facebook lead generation ads offer another advantage i.e., the generated leads can be synced directly with your company’s CRM (Customer Relation Management) system and it also can be downloaded as a .CSV file allowing marketers to stay connected and efficiently manage the leads.

With such a major increase in the usage of social media and social media marketing becoming a full-fledged course material, it becomes essential to stay put with the best of technologies and making sure that your business reaches a wide audience. And Facebook ads are just a great way of making that happen as your brand will reach an exceptionally wide range of audience and you can target your potential customers with its features.

Now it’s clear how important a platform Facebook is for reaching out to potential customers, however, it’s essential to know how to use Facebook lead ads correctly to get the best results.

Tips for an effective Facebook Lead Ad –

The following are some pointers that you can keep in mind while creating your Facebook lead ad to reach the maximum number of potential customers.

Know your ideal customers

Just like for any other advertisement, it is important to know your ideal audience to create an effective leads ad.

Facebook is a place where everyone is posting something or the other at each point of the day, it’s pretty crowded which makes it difficult to catch someone’s attention on a particular thing. This makes it necessary that the marketer first understands the targetted audience and what they want, and offer them something that solves their queries.

This research can be done through communicating with the existing customers, being involved in groups that have similar interests as your brand, reading material on Quora and LinkedIn and trying to understand the customer’s needs.

Once you have understood what your customer needs, then only you will be able to catch their attention with your product or services. You will have to craft a message or create content that has value for your potential customers, this will take some time but it’s worthwhile.

Offer a freebie to your potential customers

While all brands are busy trying to sell their products/services directly, you can offer your audience something more than that. When we get something extra which we weren’t really looking forward to it gives us a feeling of being special or valued. That is what we want our audience to feel like, we want them to feel that they are valued and that it’s not just about making a sale to you.

A freebie doesn’t have to be a customized goodie or merchandise, it could be anything that could be of value to your consumers. This freebie in terms of marketing is called a ‘lead magnet’. It attracts potential clients to your brand and helps you get a lead!

The best freebie would add value to your client’s life and it would solve a part of their problem or query. This also enhances their trust on your brand as they start looking to you as an expert who can help them with their issues. The freebie should be quickly consumable so as to initiate prompt reaction on the product or service.

If you are confident that your content will be useful to the audience, then you can also share a piece of content with them as a freebie which will also give an introduction of your work and you can get a genuine lead out of it.

Be clear about your offer

Your value proposition should be shared upfront so that people understand what they are signing up for. Even though it’s optional, Facebook recommends you to include the basic information in your promotional copy and in the introduction at the beginning of your form. Do not forget to be consistent with your brand’s name so that people know about the brand they are sharing their information with.

It’s also important to include good images in your content that are suitable for your offering. For example, there has been an observation related to images by a brand called Revel Systems. They tried out different images in their lead ad campaigns and found out that the images which had the offering as a focal point were more effective. So try to incorporate images that suggest your offer of the product or service in the lead ads.

The clearer your offer is the better chance you have at converting a lead.

Focus on the content and format

Content plays a major role in any ad. Your offering could be as good as possible but if your content is not able to do justice to it, then converting audience into leads can be a very difficult task and would solely depend on luck.

The product or service that you are offering in the ad should decide how it must be presented. For example, if you want to showcase a new product or multiple products, then it would be a good idea to go with the carousel format. Whereas, if you want to spread awareness about your brand or convey a message, then a short video would be a good option.

Even if you are offering a freebie, it does not mean that you don’t have to focus on the content of the ad anymore. It is important to include high-quality images and videos, clear and correct copy, and don’t forget to add a CTA (call-to-action) button for the best results. 

As important as your content is, it is equally important to keep the format of the copy very crisp and clear. Important keywords should be highlighted and the offer should be in a clear space so that the readability is easier. The format should not take up a lot of space as ads have very limited space.

Keep the form short

Do you like filling out long and boring forms with recurring questions that may not even be that relevant? Of course not, no one does unless it is really important then also we try to skip a few questions which have the ‘optional’ mark on them.

This is why it is essential to keep the form that you insert in your Facebook lead ad short and with simple questions. It increases the probability of the potential customer of filling the form and there you have a lead!

One very simple way of getting information without filling out all details is to auto-fill the form with their email IDs. This is something that has made our lives a lot easier, all you got to do is enter your email address and the essential information can be accessed from it.

Alright, those are enough tips for you to begin with your Facebook lead ad. But how are you going to do that? Lets see.

Steps to create a Facebook lead ad –

Creating a Facebook leads ad takes only 10 simple steps!

  1. First, what you have to do is go to the Ads Manager.
  2. There would be an option in the top-left corner to Create in the Ads Manager, click on it.
  3. Choose Lead Generation as your objective and then name your campaign.

  4. Then you have to select the Page you have planned to use for the lead ad. After which the terms and conditions would appear, read them carefully, and agree if you may proceed.

  5. Now here is when your ad actually begins- you have to choose the preferences for your ad according to your research. Choose your target audience, budget, placements, and schedule. These are the key points that will decide how effective your ad is going to be. Selecting the right audience is a very important step for which you will have to do some research according to your product or services. Your budget would decide your reach, and the schedule and placements also play essential roles.
  6. After you have chosen the above things carefully, you have to decide on the format of the lead ad. You can choose from the slideshow, single-image, video, or a carousel. Remember, the format depends on the message. As discussed above, different products require different forms to be presented.
  7. Here comes the content part- you have to write the headline of your ad, the copy which will describe your offering and a CTA button to get responses. You can preview how your ad will look on the right side. Make sure your copy is well-written and attractive, it is one of the two things that your audience will be able to see.

  8. Now scroll down and click on the contact form and add a form title. A contact form can be used to add an intro of the brand, some questions, the company’s privacy policy, and to thank the potential customers for showing interest.

    Intro: The intro part should be written such that it explains why your brand will add value to the customer’s life. It should be short and simple.

    Questions: You can ask two types of questions in your form – Basic or generic questions, like “What is your age?”, ask about gender, address or ask custom questions that pertain to your business, such as “What type of a bag are you looking for?”, “What are your requirements?”. Custom questions allow you to get insights from the targetted audience, which can be very useful. You can add up to 15 questions in your form, however, it is advisable to keep the form as short and simple as possible because it increases the probability of people actually filling it out. Also, stay away from certain questions that are barred by the government to be asked by marketers.

    Form type: There are two types of forms you can select from- more volume and higher intent. Select the from according to your preference. More volume form will help your campaign in getting the form completed by as many people as possible. Whereas, selecting the higher intent form will require your customers to select another page which asks if the information provided is correct. This is a better option if you’re looking to get insights, or you want to just seal the deal.

    Privacy policy: Facebook lead ads require you to link your company’s privacy policy for which you have to make sure that you have it on your business website. This is just to confirm that the potential buyer is aware of all the policies.

    Thank you screen: This screen shall appear after the customers have filled the form as to thank them for their time and efforts. You can also add a CTA button here.

  9. Now click Settings shown below the name of your form and see if you would like to collect organic leads, it’s an optional step but there’s no harm in doing it. Here you can also change the language of your form.
  10. Then we come to the last step which is to click Finish at the right-hand corner. Make sure to review your ad from the Ads Manager and then whenever you are ready you can publish it just by clicking Confirm.

After you are done creating your Facebook leads ad, you can start accessing leads through customer system integration. It is the implementation of the Facebook Marketing API, or you can access leads by manually downloading them. Advertisers are also allowed to collect leads using Facebook Instant Experience forms.


There’s a reason why Facebook is still the king of social media, and to ignore this platform for promoting your business would be a big miss. In 2020’s first quarter only, Facebook brought in a revenue of $17.44 billion from advertisements. From its ad revenue, you can judge how important a social media marketing platform Facebook is. And even though there are other platforms to run lead ad campaigns, you just can’t miss Facebook as it has the most number of users in the entire world.

We hope this article was useful for you and all your queries related to Facebook lead ads were cleared. Do give these a read if you want to know more about leads and lead generation!

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