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September 29, 2022
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Lead Generation 2021

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Remember the time people used to find sales call irritating? well, not anymore.

Because with the evolving world evolves the marketing industry. With everything going digital we now know what the potential clients or customer of any product or service Those potential clients are called the leads.
Basically, a lead is an individual or an organization who have interest in a particular product or service.

If you’re wondering how does a business recognize their leads or where does a lead come from? The answer is quite simple, leads may come from various source or activities. For example, from surveys you take online to from the blogs you read or the websites you visit etc.

What after a business has leads for its product/services? What is the next step?
The goal now is to convert the interest of the potential client into a sale. That is what we call the Lead generation.
Lead generation is the process of turning a customer’s interest or enquiry into a sale. It’s a way of attracting the customer towards the road of making a purchase.

Why is lead generation important?
Imagine you are visiting a friend, but you don’t the correct address, now you have gone and ask around different houses before you get the right one. Sounds tiresome right? Now image how easy it would have been if you knew the exact address to the house, it would have saved so much time and efficiency. Similarly, if a business does not know its potential customers it will struggle to make a sale and expand its business. This is why lead generation is important. It saves time and is also cost efficient.

Lead generation strategies
Every business needs to implement strategies for any plan to function effectively. That is why lead generation strategies are important.
But what strategies should be kept in mind while lead generation?
The first thing to remember while making strategies for lead generation should be to include inbound marketing tactics. It is the most effective approach for converting web traffic into loyal customer.

And now before you start wondering what inbound marketing is, let me just explain. Inbound marketing is simply a method to attract potential customer by creating content and experience which is of value to them. It helps potential customer find your business.
The main aim of the strategies is to ATTRACT, ENGAGE AND COVERT.

Here’s an example, you visited a website for home décor the other day. now you get an email from the same website informing you about a 40% sale. This is how the got your attention, you are now attracted to the website. When you visit and surf through the website, they’ve got you engaged and when you finally make a purchase, you have finally converted your interest into a sale. Simple and interesting isn’t it?
Now let’s look at some effective lead generation strategies.

An attractive Email campaign could do no harm
Email marketing is one of the best ways to engage the audience. If an email campaign that is attractive reaches the audience, it would be a great way to know who the potential customers are. For that A/B testing would be an effective way to test the correct campaign and audience.

Social media: the game changer.
Social media is the face of every brands marketing strategies. If done right it can solely increase the sale of a company. From brand awareness, to engaging with the client it does it all. By doing challenges, hosting poles and with the help of social media influencers it could bring a number of leads.

A backlink is a link created when one website links to another. It is also knowing as inbound links. Suppose if someone links to your website you have a backlink from them.
Backlinks can significantly boost your business websites engagement and help generate quality leads.

Optimization is important
Optimizing your website can attract and engage a lot of audience. By optimizing simple things as the CTAs that is call to action, landing pages, feedback forms, free trails etc. can help generate leads effectively.

Paid advertisement
Paid ads can bring many benefits to the lead generation process especially PPC (pay per click). It is a form of paid ads where you only pay when your ads are clicked on. It is targeted and it offers
solid return on investment. It lets you know where your lead is coming from.

Use analytics tool
Analytics will help you track the performance of your website and also track your audience behavior. It will help you know your target audience. It will help you enhance your websites performance.
Will let you know the demographics of your visitors, the best performing pages of your website etc. it will also help you engage with your visitors.

Remarketing will bring them back!
Once you have a converted a visitor into a customer, you better keep them that way!
And for that remarketing is the key.
Remarketing is the tactic of serving targeted ads to people who have already visited or taken action on your website. It will help you not loose the already existing customer and built good relationship with them. it will also help generate more sales and further profits.

Without a good lead generation strategy will grow slowly and also not very efficiently. That is why it important for a business to have the right strategy.

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