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3. Lead Qualification Process

We integrate CRM for our clients allowing them to receive leads in real-time so that they can take immediate action. We have observed that if you do not respond to leads ASAP, they enquire at other places and book deals elsewhere.

Hence, our lead qualification process requires our clients to call leads within 24 hours to verify their interest and financial capacity to invest in or buy the product.

Qualification Criteria:

Qualification Criteria:

  • Qualified Leads (40-80% Guarantee):
      • Leads showing genuine interest and confirming financial capacity within 24 hours are considered qualified.
      • AAJneeti offers a 40-80% qualified leads guarantee depending on your project.
  • Invalid Leads:
      • Leads providing incorrect contact details or stating they mistakenly filled out the form are marked as ‘invalid.’
  • Not Interested:
      • Individuals expressing disinterest in the property during verification are categorised as ‘not interested.’
  • Cost Concerns:
    • Leads indicating the product is beyond their budget are labelled ‘invalid.’

We stand by our commitment to quality leads, offering a 40-80% guarantee. If the promised number of qualified leads is not delivered, we replace them to ensure client satisfaction.

At AAJneeti, our philosophy revolves around exceeding expectations. We strive to deliver not just what we promise but to go beyond, providing clients with a reliable and results-driven lead generation experience.