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September 6, 2020
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Have you ever visited, Quora? What kind of website is it? is like asking have you ever tried, Whisky? How does it feel like to be drunk?
I would say, I can’t express, I’m running out of words!

To sell any product or services, you need to market it first, and then it will help you generate “Leads” that leads into sales.

Today, everyone wants to generate more leads means more follow-ups, and which will certainly be converted into sales.

So, Quora is a platform where you can write about your product/servies in a way it shouldn’t look like an advertorial, it would be great if you can write stories around your brand.

In this simple guide, we are going to break down everything you need to know regarding lead generation from Quora as well as various Quora marketing strategies.

Quora is the platform where you can find the world’s best answers to any question. So here we will talk about the strategies of Quora marketing.

What is Quora?

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Before starting you should understand that Quora is not a social media platform where you can write anything or everything about your brand/Services, on Quora it should be relevant to the question asked.

Quora allows you to understand the issues of your customers, you can reach out to them directly by providing solutions.

As per the lead generation perspective, you are going to play the role of an expert who is answering questions.

With the help of Quora, you can outreach a specific audience, niche related to your brand.

The recent studies by experts show that Quora will be the only platform in the near future where you can easily enhance the customer experience by providing genuine solutions to their problems.

Why is it helpful for generating leads?

Quora often occupy the relevant answers on Google as well as maintains the top position in the Google search engine results page for almost all the queries on the website these days. All those Quora links are absolutely organic search results that can get you free traffic.

But it is always more than that,

here are a few features that Quora offers, which makes it different and helps it to stand apart from the other platforms.

You can interact with your customers where they are asking questions, and as you are helping them with their problems, you will win their trust, and people believe user-generated content. it would be great if you can portray that you are writing your experience.

Marketers always look forward for such meaningful conversations.

These days Business Owners are very much concerned about their reviews on Quora, and they write regularly about their brand on Quora to enhance their customer experiences.

There are other platforms where you can communicate with your customer like Twitter, Email, Facebook, etc. all have a low click-through, open, and response rates, Quora doesn’t.

On the Quora platform, the customer starts the interaction rather than your business, which indicates that they are already invested in the conversation.

And the customer engagement directly corresponds to a 40% increase in the revenue.

  • Identify ‘who’s your potential customer

When you are going to use quora for marketing you need to find the most relevant question to answer, and how would you do that ?

It’s very easy, let me show you that: Suppose you are lead generation company and looking forward to promote on Quora, so how will your find releavnt questions to answer?

  • However, All you need to do is type in the keywords related to your business in the Quora search bar,
  • and go through the list of questions that appear.
  • You will find a series of questions,
  • Where the questioner is directly or indirectly looking for a product or service related to your business.
  • And bang on, these are your target questions which you need to answer.

Let us understand this exercise of identifying the questions on Quora through a couple of examples.

Example 1 — Suppose you own an IIT-JEE Coaching centre in Lucknow, and you are looking forward to promote your business, Just Search “IIT-JEE Coaching” and you will find plenty of questions.

Example 2 — Suppose you are a fine dining restaurant in Pune. Then your keywords should be like “restaurants in Pune,” “places to eat in Pune” so on and so forth.

Hope this gives you an idea about how important identifying your relevant topic is, and how exactly you can find them.

  • Provide real value by addressing the questions & be genuinely helpful

One thing you need to be very particular about while answering questions on Quora is that you should be solving the user’s problem in some way or the other. This is the only way that you will be able to catch the reader’s interest, even if for a second.

There is no point answering for the sake of answering. However, It’s important to provide authentic, meaningful answers addressing the question to establish yourself as the genuine domain expert.

Needless to say, the questioner is looking for solutions to his/her problems and is least interested in your brand/product/service at this point in time. Therefore, do not try to go off on an advertising and self-branding spree straight off, and disappoint the reader at the onset. Instead, through your answer, convince the readers that it is you, and only you who can solve their problems.

  • Build trust for your brand on Quora

As important as it is to address the user’s query, it is equally important not to forget the very purpose for which you are doing the whole exercise!

You need to introduce your brand to the prospective customer in your answers on Quora.

But you need to do it in a subtle way aligning it with the interests of the user.

Instead of giving vivid details of your product or brand, you should include backlinks to your website or landing page tactfully.

There are high chances that the reader will click on the link if they find real value in your answers. Then, you can easily take it forward from there and convert them into quality leads for your business.

  • Create the content on your website around questions on Quora

Once your target audience is identified as mentioned above,

you can create content on your website for the questions asked by them on Quora. Therefore, It’s always a great idea to repurpose those questions into relevant blog topics on your website.

Considering people are already asking those questions, you can smartly answer them by way of sharing your blog links. This way you can attract a lot of people on your website.

  • Be consistent

As it is the case with any social media, consistency is the key to the success of Quora marketing as well.

Just as you gather likes and shares on Facebook, or followers and retweets on Twitter, you need to establish yourself as an authority on Quora as well.

This can only be achieved when you write answers to the questions on Quora regularly.

and it also make periodic updates to your answers posted earlier if required.

Quora has an algorithm that rewards you for posting regular answers.

Even marks you as a top writer in a particular niche for posting consistent and knowledgeable answers in that niche.

After all, the essence of marketing on Quora lies in being an authority in whatever content you are generating.

  • Track analytics to know market intelligence

The other important aspect of marketing on Quora is the effective use of the analytical tools offered by the platform.

Quora has a very well-conceived approach when it comes to analytics.

It tells you how many views you have got on your answers, the number of people who have followed you.

Also, the number of up-votes as well as down-votes on your responses, so on and so forth.

But these numbers carry zero significance if you do not read them properly and draw meaningful conclusions from them.

Therefore, keep checking the Quora analytics for your answers regularly.

And take measures to be more productive and efficient based on these.

  • Create a compelling profile

All said and done, now let’s come to the final question.

If you are a newbie in the world of digital marketing or are a novice in using Quora for marketing purposes, then where should you start?

How do you start posting answers on Quora? Should you create a company account on Quora, or post from an individual account?

In context to all these, the answer is you need not create a company account. A company account gives the impression of marketing as well as advertising to the readers and drives them away. Instead, keep it personal and genuine.

Try to include some noteworthy accomplishments, if any in your domain and add it in your profile description. Don’t forget to upload a professional profile image, which indicates you are approachable. Keep optimizing your profile as visitors do check it before engaging with you on Quora.

  • Contact Your Followers

On Quora, you can only direct message people who have their settings adjusted accordingly.

Unfortunately, that’s going to severely limit how many people you can get in touch with privately.

However, you have another option as well.

Instead of direct messaging your prospects and customers to learn about their questions, desires, and pains, you can ask them a question publically.

Doing so is quite simple, and it’s a great way to learn about your target market.

All you have to do is click on “Followers” on your profile page.

If you haven’t used this platform previously, it’s advertised as ‘a place to gain and share knowledge’. Essentially, users will ask questions for other users to answer. Depending on the topic, some questions lead to full debates and interesting conversations. If you haven’t yet spotted the opportunity, you can create accounts and answer questions as a brand. With good answers and open discussions, you become an authority in your niche and people will soon trust your answers. Soon enough, a certain number of people will click through to your profile and visit your website. And just like that, you have yourself a lead.

Share Your Popular answers

As you engage more and more on Quora, some of your answers will perform better than others.

And every once in awhile, you’ll hit a goldmine of attention. Users will view, upvote, and share your answer more than any of your others.

The last thing you want to do is let all of that potential go to waste.

While your Quora followers will pay plenty of attention to the answer, you can gain even more attention by sharing the answer on your social media channels.

Go to your profile and click on “Answers” on the left side of the screen.

Then, find an answer that is particularly lucrative and click on the share buttons in the lower right-hand corner.

Then, find an answer that is particularly lucrative and click on the share buttons in the lower right-hand corner.

Other important points to keep in Mind

No matter your niche, we believe there’s a community just waiting to be explored on Quora. There are several benefits to choosing this platform as part of a digital marketing campaign:

  • Allows consumers to find and learn about your brand
  • Can boost search rankings
  • Offers a place to advertise your own content (as long as you don’t continually spam!)
  • Provides an opportunity to become a thought leader
  • Gives insights into the target market

Even after this, we also love that it helps brands with content ideas. If lots of people are asking the same questions about your product or industry, why not create an article or blog post to answer these questions?

In terms of ads, Quora also has a self-service ad platform. You can target people via their chosen device, interest, location, and more. Once you combine these two strategies then, lead generation shouldn’t be a problem for some time with Quora.

Quora Marketing Tools

With more resources for Quora popping up here and there, I believe this platform will surge in time. Despite a few bumps, people are still using it as a strong resource to find answers to many questions.

As a result, I’d encourage you to get onto the platform as soon as you can if you’re looking to build a brand or already have a business. This is a strong marketing alternative and is more effective than trying to post all the time on Twitter or Facebook.

Why Quora is Great for B2B Marketing

For B2B marketing Quora can be the perfect channel to leverage your expertise and also it offers your knowledge to solve your client concerns and problems.

All questions are answered by real people as Quora requires real-name registration and the community is also there to vet and react over your answers.

So you have a team. All of them are experts in different fields e.g. design, marketing, testing etc. with tons of professional tips and secrets to spill. Ask them to create profiles and spend a few minutes a day browsing and answering questions.

This way you can build a trustworthy personal brand, but your name is still tied to your company name and it gets a certain amount of exposure too.

How To Use Quora for Content Marketing

Discover content ideas. Firstly, type your targeted keywords in search and Quora will help you discover the top questions asked by the community. You can easily find trending topics for your blog as well as other content marketing materials. Take your suitable time to dive in and research properly what are the most viewed and followed questions on Quora in your niche and how you can plan your content strategy around them. Therefore, the most upvoted and viewed questions can be a good signal of valuable content to produce.

You can filter your search results by type of questions, answers or posts and also by timeline. Here’s an example:

Image for post

Quora blog. One of smart ways to get even more exposure from Quora is to start your own blog apart from doing the questions-and-answers thing. Go to your profile and navigate to Blogs, create your unique name, URL and a catchy description.

Image for post
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Add your content, just like on Facebook or LinkedIn. In general, Quora posts get higher rankings in search results and more exposure from around the network.

Quick Tip: Repurpose your blog content, either from your personal or your company blog that you contributed to. Review your old content on Quora and give it a second traffic boost.

Create your company page. Use one of Quora features — building a company page, to leverage your brand’s visibility. This feature is particularly useful for product software development companies as your company can track the questions about the product and answer them directly under the company page on Quora. Software outsourcing companies providing services can benefit from this page by creating an additional visibility and also answering basic questions potential prospects may have. Offer customer support to folks who are not your customers….and they are likely to become them!

However, it is always advisable creating a simple FAQ about your company with the most popular inquiries and ask your current customers to post references. This way, you can establish social proof and authority, plus generate a long-term traffic source showing high in search results for branded keywords.

See a Quora topic example below with FAQ about the company itself and customers feedback.

Image for post

Interesting add-ons

“Top writers”. Quora actively encourages users to answer more questions and receive “Most Viewed Writer” accolade in return. To get this privileged badge all you need to accumulate the highest number of answers views over the past 30 days. Therefore, the rankings consist of the top 10 writers for each topic. The good news is — you can easily become a top writer for numerous topics.

By reaching more than 5000 views on answers, you can become the most viewed writer in Code Outsourcing. However, this is a great way for you to get noticed by other users, who can request you to answer their questions and connect with you. The badge indicates the level of your authority on Quora.

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Online sessions. The great Quora feature for promotion and knowledge sharing are online sessions. Tech stars, presidents and more, can go live for an hour or two to answer questions on Quora, either personal or professional ones.

One of the session for example that I had watched was of Sheryl Sandberg, COO at Facebook, where she intended to pick the best 10 questions to answer. This is a great way to talk and reach out to opinion leaders and other influencers in your industry. However, below the answer, you can identify the person who asked the question, which stands for a perfect opportunity to think of smarter questions to get noticed by others and even potentially get reached out to by the session speaker.

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Quora app. Finally Good news for you — you can keep track of your views and answers by using a Quora app. It is available for Windows, Android as well as iOS and has a pretty neat design and navigation.

Knowledge badge.  Next comes an experimental feature introduced by Quora is Knowledge Prizes (currently on beta), which aims to inspire experts to answer important questions online and therefore receive a financial contribution for that. Nowadays, technology topics only are in a bet , which is an obvious sign of their extreme popularity. Some questions are sponsored by companies, who want to get expert opinions and rewards the best ones with a prize. It’s up to a winner on how to spend the money, though. These days Quora recommends transferring the prize to partner charities. You can read more about Knowledge Prizes on Quora blog.

Things To keep in Mind

Quora is not the place for self-promotion or heavy promotion of your website, products or services. It has no tolerance towards spam as well as aggressive link-building to leverage your SEO rankings. Therefore, Quora was created to help people find the information they need. Up till now it remains a free source and doesn’t have a business model to earn profits.

Mention your website in your bio description is more than enough. When people like your posts and content, they can see where are you working and what services you provide. If you blogged about something relevant to the answer on Quora, please, still give the fairly comprehensive answer with a link to Read more in other sources. Quora attractively links external sources by showing up the entire titles.

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Sometimes your answer can literally “collapse” and it will not be shown in the main answer thread. It means that either your answer was downvoted, too short, requires improvements or you haven’t passed the real-name verification process.

A Quick Recap

One more tool for your content marketing efforts as well as lead generation won’t help your business, there is always a need to set goals and objectives why you are using Quora. However, you can limit yourself on how much time you spend on Quora weekly and create a checklist of what are the steps to take.

A simple strategy to keep in mind is, use Quora three times per week no more than 20 minutes for the following activities:

  • Firstly, search for questions with the most followers or views and answer them;
  • Then, follow and answer the new questions in your expert topics by checking notifications, when possible, include the links back to the website;
  • upvote and comment on the answers you like;
  • follow new active people and influencers by searching for the top answers in chosen topics;
  • send and respond to messages;
  • content repurposing from the company blog;
  • And lastly, keep on constantly improving the profile by adding new info on expert topics and include new targeted links.

Final Words

However, there are a lot more of interesting facts that you will find on Quora, once you start using the platform. Lead generation is increasing vastly and therefore we need to buckle up our strategies.

For more information, you can always contact us. And do check out these links for some amazing content related to Quora marketing.

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