What is a Lead?

Anyone who has shared their contact information like email address, Mobile number, social media handles etc, with an interest in what you are selling, is a Lead.

So, Lets understand with few example.

Suppose you are a builder or a Broker Firm, so you want more buyers? for that you will have variety of offers like:  

Pay 10% now and book your dream home and pay rest 90% at delivery.

What you will do now?

You will spread this message among audience, But How?


  1. Paper ads
  2. Radio ads
  3. Pamphlet
  4. Flex
  5. Posters etc


  1. (Social Media Management): You will spread at various Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  2. (Mobile Marketing) You will send Bulk Text/ Emails/ Voice calls etc.
  3. (Social Media Marketing/ PPC): You will run paid campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Bing, etc.
  4. (Content marketing): Writing about your products on various platforms like Quora, Reddit, Medium, Guest blogging etc.
  5. (Listing) Register your project at various listing websites, as in real estate like Magic Bricks, 99acres, Housing.com, Proptiger, Makaan.com, Quikr Homes, OLX etc.


  1. (Word of Mouth) You will reach out to your previous happy customers/ Friends/ Relatives.
  2. TV ads

So, Above mentioned are the most famous and renowned ways to market a real estate product, traditional ways like Radio ads/TV ads/Flex/Posters/Paper ads are way too costly, and there are some cons:

  1. These are One to many communications, so no control over the audience, From an autorickshaw to Range-Rover all listen FM.
  2. No Tracking of Return of Investment/ Cost Per Acquisition etc.
  3. Few hundred calls you can expect after spending 20 Lakhs to 2 Cr on TV, Radio & Paper ads.

So, after doing all these activities, all those enquiries which a builder/broker will receive are leads.

Question arises here, How effective Radio/TV/Paper ads are?

At an extent, it helps in brand building, Brand searches on Google often increases after Radio/Paper ads so your brand should have a strong web presence.

AT AAJNEETI, WE Run PPC ads on keywords around client’s Brand Name, every time they decide to put TV/Radio or paper ads.

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