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How to generate B2B leads

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Have you ever thought about what could be the biggest challenge in grabbing B2B leads? In B2B marketing your reach for the customers will not depend on your appearance. It all begins with a Lead and without it, you will not have any clients and revenue. In shorter words, you will need Leads to rise up to the expectations. You will not be able to make a sale unless people know about your product. Your best product has a value only if the people know about it.

Let us discuss some strategies that will help you to put your product on the highlights. We will learn how these strategies will help you in generating efficient B2B leads for your products. Not only we will talk about creating leads that no one will be able to reach. We will focus on creating quality leads that will be widely reachable and productive.

B2B ou B to B : définition simple et traduction de business to business
source: JDN

How do B2B leads generate sales?

You have to ensure that you can convert a larger percentage of the leads from your campaign. For this, you have to lay your foundations right. Remember that you do not have a short cut to approach an efficient outcome. Each sales environment is unique. You know well the importance of identifying your target audience and creating your graceful unique selling proposition.

Joining different Communities

Relying completely on your website, blogs, advertisements for generating the leads can be dangerous for your growth. Generating leads is all about building relationships. The more conversations you bound yourself with, the more chances you will have to widen your reach over the audience. Whenever a customer reaches out for your service, you must not drive them directly to your website. You must offer to have a phone call or chat directly with your team. This will help in improving customer satisfaction in treating them personally.

Preparing a targeted list of your Contacts

To generate the most authentic list of your B2B leads, you must refresh your email list every while. This will help to refine the outdated and incorrect information that does not match your target parameters. You can not afford to annoy your customers by resending emails every while to them. You can fix them by updating your lists regularly by several means. Even some companies sell leads that you can buy to expand your leads. You have to ensure that you buy only the lists relevant to your target market.

Sending customized Cold emails

The foremost part of the lead generation is email. You must personalize your cold emails using merge tags which help you to replace the Business name in each mail. This helps in making the email look more relevant to the customer and is more likely to receive a response.

Making warm calls

There are many customers who have not listened to your services yet. You can make Cool calls to focus on such customers. Although you have many connections which are connected with you for so long but have not converted yet. You can call these customers with a warm call. You can do it:

  • After a few days of downloading a pdf
  • Some days after the end of a trial
  • A while after a webinar

It must be ensured that if they downloaded something, it was helpful to them? If they need more reading, you must have some alternative to keep them engaged. Are they comfortable in extending their trial period? If not, then feedback must be collected for future reference. A warm call can provide you better results than calling someone who has not been in contact with you before.

Using marketing automation programs

After you generate the email list, you can target the customers with specific messages using marketing automation tools. This will help you in:

  • Fragmenting your email list and target them using relevant content
  • Sending emails at significant scales
  • Moving the sales qualified leads to the sales team to convert
  • Providing a better balance between sales and marketing
  • Notifying you when your leads perform some intended action

Setting up chat options

Most customers intend to build relationships with the businesses which respond so quickly. If your customers are receiving a reply as soon as they put up a query. There will be more chances of converting them. You have an option to use chatbots that deliver quick replies to customers so that they do not leave dissatisfied. These bots might help you to receive the relevant information of the customers. This will help to reach out to them in the future.

Using an email signature

Even if you are putting a keen sight in your emails, you might be ignoring an important fact. Your email signature might be looking like wasting a lot of marketing potential. You can follow these to enhance your email signature:

  • Adding URLs to some lead magnet
  • Promoting product offers
  • Including banner promoting your events or webinars
  • Adding social media handles with a transparent call to action

Reaching out social media groups

Social media platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn are great places to connect with other professionals. You can share your insights and find relevant leads. When you join a relevant group, you must not rush in to build a relation. Instead, you must start formal conversations. You have to ensure to engage yourself in other’s conversations. Praising other people on their content or some event they were holding can help you connect easily. Once you have built a relationship with a member you can use the platform to generate interest in your service.

Finding a relevant group

Finding a group that has wider reach

Search for the groups using some keywords targeting your business. Please remember to research the groups you find. There might be a lot of groups serving a similar keyword.

Finding a group including a lot of promotions

You have to make sure that you do not mess up by being too promotional. This will eventually generate drastic consequences.

Finding a group which has activity

Search for some groups that have a continuous reader activity. Start participating in discussions such as posts, comments, and sharing the content. This will highlight you for your valuable efforts and increase your reach.

Finding a group with noticeable participants

You do not only need volume in the group but we want that quality volume. The audience must worthy to be able to understand your context clearly. This will help you to increase your connections with some effective participants.

Listing your business online

The market is full of different products and solutions online. People do not know which business to trust. This is the point where you need to reach out to some directories. The audience will be able to find your product if your business has been listed on online directories. This will also help you in highlighting your business on other people’s reach. You can use LinkedIn company directory, Google My Business, Bing, etc.

Making use of online forums

Question and Answer portals are a great source of generating traffic towards you. You need to research in searching for some questions that are relevant to your business. Providing answers to these questions will engage the traffic with your sources.

Asking for reviews

The majority of the B2B decision-makers are likely to purchase based on the reviews. If you are offering satisfactory service to your existing customers, their reviews will do well to you. Videos play a crucial role in having an impact. Using the resources smartly will be beneficial for you.

Using lead generation ads on social media

Lead generation ads on social media like Facebook and Twitter are a great way to build your mailing list. Most of these forms prompt the users to take out some time for filling in the information. This process consumes a lot of time, so if this is tiring and irrelevant, then the lead will drop off. Let us see what makes the lead generation forms so productive:

  • The pre-fill option in the forms will help to reduce the lead drops.
  • On small screens, pre-filled forms offer ideal visibility and comfort.
  • Customization of your ad campaigns that suit the offer.
  • optimization of ads to suit the audience or service.

Using Google Ads to quote paid advertisements

Google Adwords can help you in complementing the organic traffic generation’s aim. It ensures that your content, business, or service reaches out to more audiences. Google Ads works better on being if you optimize for keywords, goals, and audiences. Re-targeting options work smartly with Google Ads. This is a strategy to reengage any leads that might not convert. You will require some expertise to be able to use Google ads. You must approach someone who is Google Ad certified.

Using Remarketing tools

The re-marketing tools allow you to show ads to previously visited customers when they visit some other website.

  • They might leave your website for conducting further research. Re-marketing tools allow you to remind the web browsers of your product and attempts to reach them back.
  • Some visitors might simply leave your website in the middle with a thought to come back at a later time. This will help you target them with your ads next time they turn online, reminding them to visit your page.
  • You can always customize your remarketing advertisements to suit your funnel.

Using SEO to increase traffic on the website

You can use Search engine optimization to rank your website higher on Search engine results, which will increase your traffic. This becomes an essential element when you are focussing on B2B leads. Some of these elements include keyword optimization, posting quality content, and link building. SEO and quality content generation is a professional task. You must focus your time and energy on the business strategy.

Using the Landing pages

A Landing page in Digital Marketing is a standalone web page you create for marketing or advertising campaigns. This is the page on which the viewer lands after clicking on either some link on e-mail or ads. This can be through any other external websites like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Normal webpages that have Multiple goals and information for letting the users explore the website. A precise goal known as the Call to Action should be considered when creating landing pages.

If you want to learn more about creating effective landing pages you may visit this article. Creating a landing page for your ad campaign will help to keep the leads focussed on a specific action. Without a landing page, the user will receive distraction with anything else on the website and leave disappointed. This will impact your conversion stats.

Boosting Content marketing

Content is the keystone of any digital marketing campaign strategy.

  • Content educates the audience, assists their research, and makes them comfortable about their decisions for purchasing.
  • It increases product visibility on social media and search engines.
  • Content allows providing backlinking opportunities, which will help to increase the referrals.
  • It is also a great way to remain in touch with present customers. It ensures their loyalty and an increase in their lifetime value.

Your content should be relevant to the users and using it particularly for marketing purposes will not bear fruitful results.

Generating B2B leads through Webinars

Webinars allow you to share your insights and expertise with the customers. It allows you to connect with customers, providing a platform to educate the audience. Lead generation through webinars has a higher quality output than that generated through advertisements. This is because the audience attending webinars is looking for deep information gathering.

Using e-books to generate leads

The most common gated contents today are e-books and white papers. But writing these consume so much time. They can help you to build the e-mail list if the content is unique and relevant to the customers. Publishing e-books or whitepapers will provide you wider coverage. It will help you share your expertise as well as allow you to capture new leads.

Interviewing key influencers

There are several successful marketers and business people out there who have harnessed a lot of knowledge during their journey. You can grab this opportunity to interview them and releasing audio and video podcasts. Publishing these podcasts will raise your profile, make your credibility higher, and will increase backlinking opportunities. This will drive a lot of traffic to your business.

Using the influencer marketing

The collaboration between brands and personalities is termed as influencer marketing. The brands seek the hold of endorsement of a person. You can utilize the endorsement of an influencer in many ways. It allows you to build your social media following, drive traffic to your web site, and increase your sales.

For generating a good amount of leads through influencer marketing you have to choose the influencer wisely. He should have a significant social media following and their content must have doors to a lot of readers. When there is a confusion between two or more influencers, choose the one who is easily recognizable among the audience.

Using Guest Blogging

Guest posting opportunities bring out a newer way to approach the audience. It involves writing, posting, and reviewing the content on some other web site. Involving yourself in writing content for some web site, will need to invest a lot of time in it.

Many web sites have respective guidelines for posting content, due to which the backlinking might be restricted. You can alternatively achieve this by using ghostwriters. They not only will write high-quality content but also will help in finding guest blogging opportunities for you. This will help to increase traffic towards your web site.

Issuing press releases for generating B2B leads

Social media marketing and content marketing are powerful tools but they lack strength when you use them alone. When you combine them with traditional press releases, they can provide thrust in your lead generation set outs. If your business has some notable news to share, you have an option to issue a press release. This can reach out to a significant number of the audience when influencers, marketers, bloggers, etc. share it further. Some elements which you can include are:

  • Newly launched products
  • Business recognition
  • Industry awards
  • Newly published journals, e-books, white papers or case studies
  • Expansion in domain
  • Newly set up partnerships

Building your network

B2B leads rely heavily on the building of relationships. Any event, product launch, or an exhibition can provide a platform through which you can connect with the audience. You have to take care of your methods, as this audience can include your future customers. You must focus on networking on the social media like LinkedIn and Facebook. These have a majority of the audience that will find your strategies relevant to them.

Using the present customers smartly

You can use your current customers in generating referrals for your product or service. You must build string relationships with your customers before you start to ask for referrals. Your referral process must be easy, and should not be tiring for your customers. You can create and send templates to them.

This way they do not have to take the pain in deciding, how to proceed for writing. You have to keep this as short as possible and simultaneously look into referring to sufficient information.

Increasing your social media visibility

Social media platforms play a crucial role in providing a great path for generating B2B leads. Let us look into the benefits of investing in social media:

  • It is a great place to find the target audience for your campaigns. Almost every person today uses social media. You just have to find the most relevant platform that suits your audience.
  • LinkedIn is one of the major social media platforms for B2B leads.
  • Twitter advertisements are more effective that television for live event advertising.

Taking dissatisfied customers into consideration

Reach out to your customers whom your competitors could not satisfy. Your competitor might be offering products similar to that of yours. But you can surely outsell them effectively. You can find out details about your competitors’ products, sales insights, and their customers by using competitor intelligence reports.

A few hour smart searches will provide you the details about the satisfaction of the customers of your competitors. You will know whether they are happy with the level of service, that your competitors might be providing them. You have to keenly analyze the data of their reviews. Whether they are complaining about the pricing, poor after-sales, or fake promises.

When you reach out to these dissatisfied customers and provide a better solution they can help you get great referrals.

Social Listening

Only monitoring your competitors on social media will not impart great results. You have to practice social listening for monitoring sentiments for your own product. Social listening can be effective in these ways:

  • Monitoring as well as reacting to negative remarks that could ruin your business reputation is important. But some negative comments can really lead to leads as it is a great way to win your customers’ hearts. Replying with solutions on such comments will help to let them know that you listen and care.
  • Positive comments on your content, product, or service can generate interests from new leads. You must filter and manage all types of comments to generate effective leads.

Speaking at events

By allowing guests to speak at events can help you to stay at the top among your audience. It can help in generating more marketing with the words of mouth marketing. If the presentation given by you stands out, you will have a rise in the traffic reaching out to you.

You need to understand Guest speaking in a better way to make an impact on the customers. Keeping your content short and concise will impede the users from losing their interest in the presentation.

You can showcase your expertise using a guest speaker. If the points you highlight in your case study relate to the audience’s experience they are likely to approach you.

Generating leads through Channel Partners

It does not matter how experienced and dedicated your sales and marketing team is. The revenue-generating capacity will turn flat at some point. Reaching this point, you will have two approaches. You can plan to hire more people but it will cost you a lot of time and money. Another approach is to invest in B2B sales channels.

The channel partners benefit a lot from you when you join them. They have their own strategies for generating sales and require very little input from you to start. You have to keep some points in mind when choosing the channel partners:

  • You need to ensure that they serve a similar or other customer bases that you would like to get into.
  • They should be able to bundle their product to yours and generate more revenue for you.

Monitoring your products for mentions

As your product and brand grow, people will ask you about your journey since the beginning. Make sure to monitor all your mentions and then following them up. The method is very simple.

  • You need to set up some alert system for your product or brand.
  • Joining some discussions around your product or brand.

Firstly, you will need to find a great alerting platform. Monitoring is an awesome idea even when you do not use marketing. It is ideal to maintain your brand awareness. Once you have completed setting up an alert, all you need to do is just sit back. Wait for the mentions to roll in. You will notice some random useless stuff but also much more valuable stuff that will help you get the leads.

There are very high chances that you will find some target users. They might be carrying on some enlightened discussion on your product or service. The more you are monitoring and joining such discussions, the more leads you will generate.

A marketing Qualified Lead

This is a marketing sales lead that is likely to become a valid customer. A marketing qualified lead may be a visitor who has shown his interest in your web site’s content. He could have:

  • Filled out an online form
  • Signed up to receive some newsletter
  • Placed an item in the shopping cart
  • Downloaded some content from your website

You will give a lead score to each of his activities. This helps marketing and sales figure out the customer’s interaction stage. If the visitor is in some early phase of the purchase cycle then the marketing should look after the lead. A Sales Qualified Lead on the other hand indicates the interest of the customer in purchasing the products.

Types of Leads

There are mainly three types of leads:

  • A hot Lead is a person ready to purchase, having sufficient money and budget to close the deal
  • A warm lead is a person who might want to purchase. Either his trial is complete or your competitor has bounded him using a contract.
  • A cold lead is a person that does not have any knowledge about who you are. He does not know what your company does and might only be looking for some information.

Creating a great marketing campaign

The Advertising, referrals, and cold outreach might be good ways to generate B2B leads. The crucial role of a B2B marketer is always to generate leads for the sales and marketing team. Marketers who are less insightful might use basic tricks to get traffic rather than generating qualified leads.

A successful B2B leads generation campaign handles the complete selling cycle. This means that with every new customer they do not have to start from the beginning. A good campaign should have the following:

  • A list of the targets which is the most significant factor of success
  • An offer which must be relevant and compelling as well
  • A medium which has to reach an intended audience

Please note that single touch campaigns such as white paper downloads are not as effective as they have been before. Most of the salespersons are not excited about calling someone who has already downloaded some content. You must make sure that your marketing campaigns focus on generating leads and not just names. To generate more B2B leads you can increase effectiveness by focusing on the following:

Create some campaigns with multi touches

You can use integrated media campaigns through different channels that might:

  • Send a targeted series of e-mails with some relevant content
  • Warm up the accounts with some vertical-specific advertisements
  • Call the leads that have downloaded some specific content from your web site
  • Send a direct e-mail to someone if relevant

A multi-touch campaign will take time to build and your team will need to iterate and optimize over time. This will make sure that the leads convert and generate a positive Return on Investment.

Make a compelling offer for the customers

You need to make sure that you understand the customers’ needs and pain points. These will differ by company or industry size, so make sure to adjust your motives accordingly. No one likes pain and this will follow up for your customers too. You must find out what your customers need. Create some campaigns that will reach an end where the customers will have no choice to buy something else.

Always include some human touch on your campaign

Generating sales is all about building relationships. You have to make sure that your sales representative spend their time speaking with prospective clients. Mass calling has become old. However, making one on one calls after an account has been warmed up are still effective.

Please make sure to work with your sales and marketing team whenever you design your campaign. The more you involve the sales team, the less likely they will ignore your leads.

The most crucial thing to remember while getting B2B sales leads is to be ingenious. By using different strategies and mixing them up you can keep growing your business with B2B leads.


You might probably already have been using some of these B2B leads generation tactics. Many of these might also be new to you. Every second you spend with us will represent a new opportunity to improve on your past performance. Do not indulge in using so many strategies altogether as you will only mess it up. Take your time and gradually move to bind up different strategies into a single unit.

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