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Fastest lead generation Options

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There are numerous lead generation options to quickly generate leads with basically no effort at all. Most of those methods do nothing but generate low-quality leads with next to no chance of converting. Such leads are of no good to your business. What you do need is faster, easier methods to generate high-quality leads that come with a strong potential to convert.

Sadly, there are not as many of those methods that bring the best of both worlds but they do exist. We have got some of the fastest, minimal effort lead generation options to generate high-quality leads right away.

Get yourself a good PPC agency

There is nothing easy about Pay-per-Click but an agency will be taking care of all the hard work for you. It is the fastest way to generate high-quality leads. The great thing about paid advertising is you are essentially choosing the kind of visitors who land on your website. You can target people who are craving to click the buy button entirely on leads with the highest conversion potential.

Likewise, you can use Pay-per-Click to capture leads who are not so close to buying. Instead, nurture those leads along the buying process to make sure they buy from you and not your competitors. Paid advertising gives you this choice and a good Pay-per-Click agency will have you generating leads right away. Your job is to make sure that you are capable of converting those leads once they land on your website.

Automate your social posts

Automating social posts has its dimensions but this certainly qualifies as a low effort to quickly generate leads. It is not like you should automate everything but scheduling your posts will drastically enhance your manual social activity. Especially, when it comes to networks like Twitter where content has a shorter shelf life.

A good place to begin is automating your posts to publish on your chosen networks at the most influential hours. By scheduling your posts you can be consistent every day in multiple time zones at the most effective hours. Best of all you only need to hit the publish button once and automation takes care of everything else. Still try to do at least 50% of your posts manually. But a healthy dose of automation can make a serious difference to the number of leads you generate daily.

Compile your blog content into free downloads

Who does not love freebies? Your email lists will grow like mad if you provide them with valuable resources for nothing. To make this work you need to be publishing great content on a regular basis. This is neither low effort nor rushing in but bare with the fact. With this kind of content strategy in the works, you can compile your existing content into larger resources. Also, you can offer free downloads.

Think of in-depth guides on technical topics, step-by-step tutorials for important tasks, or industry secrets you have picked. Choose something wisely that really offers value. Start by promoting these on social media to capture new leads and then move on to the next method.

Add dynamic CTAs on each blog post

To convert those blog readers of yours into email sign-ups place Call-to-actions for your free downloads on each blog post. But here is a trick that will help you out. You are going to create free downloads for each category on your blog and then create a dynamic Call-to-action. This CTA will automatically match each download to the relevant category.

So people reading a post on lead generation will see a prompt asking to download an eBook which relates. While those reading up on email marketing will see a prompt asking to download another eBook satisfying their interest. The point is every visitor will see a prompt to download free content on the topic they like. With some attractive PHP code, this will happen automatically for each new post you publish.

Optimize your forms for conversion

One of the most conversion killers you can have on your website is forms that frustrate the users. It does not matter how fast or easy your lead generation tactics are. If your forms impede people from converting at the crucial moment you lose at that point. So invest in a good form optimization tool to make sure you are not shutting the door on potential leads.

Any good form optimization tool will show you where users are running into problems with your forms. This will help you to improvise and put things right. There are some great tools these days to serve your purpose. One of which is Leadformly which comes with form templates that already have effective optimization for conversions. Also, you can embed them anywhere on your website. This means you spend less time fixing the problems with your forms and more time watching the leads roll in.

Go for user-friendly popups

Despite the UX concerns pop-ups continue to get results. Believe it or not, it is possible to use pop-ups with no or minimal negative impact on user experience. Some of the least intrusive pop-ups include exit pop-ups. These only trigger when it looks like users are about to leave your website. Another is a scroll pop up that only shows once users reach a certain part of the page. You can even program these to trigger after a user reaches the end and then starts scrolling up.

There are also pop up alternatives like banner opt-ins or CTA sections. These can break up your page without intruding on the user experience. Try out some different lead generation options and see what works the best for you. Do remember that it must also work best for the people who visit your website.

Reach out to people on social media

Something brands do not do enough is to reach out to people with the right intentions. Not mentioning the needy Facebook posts or promoting your own products on Quora. It is about reaching out to people with real problems and providing them a solution. So whenever you see a Quora page full of answers from businesses recommending their own products, break the trend. You must try to genuinely try to help people out. Both your answer and your brand will stand out miles ahead of your competitors for sure.

The same goes for Facebook, LinkedIn groups, Twitter, and any other place your target audience goes to for helpful advice. Make yourself known in these places but portray yourself as a brand that wants to make life easier for people. Not only you will impress the audience you help but also everyone else in the conversation.

Challenge industry leaders with your content

Competing with industry leaders is very tough. It seems like they have got all the exposure themselves and there is a little space for the smaller brands. So take the fight to them by challenging industry leaders with your content. If they publish something saying that your industry is heading in one direction you might disagree. You must tell them by publishing your own content that gives your side of things and reaching out to them.

Add comments on their blog posts referring to your ideas and pieces of content clearly referring to your brand. The goal is not to start an argument. It is to get your brand in front of large audiences your industry leaders attract. This will help you introduce yourself as a business that has something different to say.

Get yourself on review platforms

There are so many lead generation options for people to choose from. And for every purchase they make people want reassurance that they are buying from the best possible source. This is why reviews from third-party sources like Google and other popular sources are important. People do not only visit these websites to get feedback from your former customers. Search engines often embed these reviews in search results and your PPC advertisements. While you can also place them on your landing pages to boost on-site conversions.

Of course, you need to be confident of getting a healthy collection of positive reviews for this to generate leads. Your reviews must not be so blazing to scare away your leads. So make sure your services are up to scratch. You must have a good customer care system in place to turn any complaints into happy customers.

Promote time-sensitive offers

With the techniques, we have already covered you should be reaching a good audience and generating quality leads. So now is a good time to start promoting time-sensitive offers to attract new leads. This creates a sense of urgency for those you are already generating.

You can promote these in your PPC advertisements, social posts, blogs, emails, and every other channel you use. Your offers and ways to promote is entirely up to you. Experiment with a few campaigns to see what excites people the most. You may find some audiences respond to many incentives more than others. Just be sure to emphasize that your offers run for a limited time only to create a sense of urgency.

Tap into your existing customers

It is amazing how many brands think that the job is done once the users click the buy button. But, one of your most powerful lead generators is the people who have already done business with you. Create campaigns particularly to turn your existing customers into repeat buyers. Reach out to them for referrals and reward them for inviting their friends or contacts to buy from you.

You have already invested in winning each customer. Now you want to make sure you get the most out of that marketing spend. This is essential even after they have made the final commitment. Make your efforts to create buyers and brand evangelists who become an asset to your future marketing efforts.

Turn networking events into new leads

Face-to-face interactions are a powerful thing and you will be making the mistake to limit yourself to generating leads online. The most common way is to generate leads by attending networking events, conferences, and trade shows. However, these events are not around your interest but the interest of your target customers.

If you are a SaaS firm then you might make good contacts from SaaS events. However, you probably would not get many leads. Instead, you want to be attending events created with the target customers in your mind. Let us say if one of your target audiences is Millennial entrepreneurs. You want to be going to the same events other Millennial entrepreneurs are attending. Whether they have got anything to software services or not but the group matters in most situations.

Best B2B lead generation options

Many B2B marketers spend a lot of time metaphorically pouring water into their leaky buckets. Rather than fixing the marketing funnel, they pour more traffic into the bucket to fill it up. This is a recipe for inflated acquisition costs and below-average results. The biggest culprit here is landing pages and very particularly your forms. Forms separate your leads from non-leads and have a great impact on your conversion rates and overall lead generation. If you have not already do optimize your forms using the tool, Leadformly.

Email marketing lead generation options

Email is one of the few online marketing channels that has stood the test of all time. In fact, email is 20+ years old this year and it trumps the top spot on many B2B marketer’s lists.

Automate your email marketing campaigns

One of the biggest trends in email marketing at the moment is marketing automation. This has generated great results for many B2B businesses. Essentially automation cuts out the manual workload of managing the segmented lists, targeting user behaviors, and many more tasks. These tasks could create disinterest and so this would help to recover most abandoned carts and significantly increasing sales. There are many tools that offer the best automation features in the industry without charging you so much.

Build a free tool to pull the leads

One of the most effective lead generation options is using a free tool to reel the users in. You will see this from many brands that offer free CRM to make people sign in. They will then try to upsell many leads as possible.

Crazy Egg is a great tool that serves the purpose. It does not ask you to sign up for anything or buy into any of its products. It simply offers a free tool on its website that promises to make your website better, instantly. That is one compelling call to action right there, isn’t it? All you have to do is type in your email address and press the button to get your heatmap.

For example, a website that asks you to fill a multi-step form that guides you through some key questions. At the last stage, the form asks them for the email address. Here they will receive their personalized list of software recommendations. After filling the form resistance to hand over an email address is almost non-existent by the point. This results in major growth and list growth.

Give something away for free

This lead generation strategy is something classic but not many brands really pull it off. Today almost everyone promises to give something for free that the option has lost all meaning. Most of the freebies are even not worth it, to begin with.

Create referral campaigns

There is nothing more satisfying than turning existing leads or customers into new ones. Especially when they do all the hard work for you this becomes one of the great lead generation options. This is where referral campaigns can work wonders, especially when you know how to automate the entire process.

The key thing here is to offer a strong enough incentive for the customer referring you to their contacts. Better yet offer a reward for both of them to double up the incentive and encourage each customer you add.

Create customer retention campaigns

Bringing leads back to life is as good as getting new ones. It takes less than 24 hours for most leads to turn cold. So this gives you an idea of how quickly leads can lose value between successful interactions. Blasting users with frequent emails is not a better option anyhow.

Content marketing lead generation options

B2B decision-makers no longer rely on advertisers to inform them about products. The people making the calls on whether to do business with you trust themselves more than any marketing message. This needs to be reflecting in your B2B marketing strategy.

Create an automated webinar strategy

Most of the B2B professionals prefer webinars to any other type of educational content. Webinars consistently top lists of most effective B2B content formats. However, running a webinar strategy can require a lot of work, unless you automate the entire strategy. To this day webinar strategy remains one of the most effective lead generation options. All that we need to do is keep track of performance, make occasional tweaks, and watch the leads roll in.

Turn your blog posts into guides

This is another classic lead generation strategy but you will see how we kick things up in the upcoming strategy. The thing about this strategy is that you are already investing time, effort, and money into creating content. You want to make sure that the investment is efficient.

It only makes sense to take that content, collect it in relevant groups, and then turn it into detailed content. For example, you can combine all of your blog posts on business management into a comprehensive guide on business management.

You know that your audience already has an interest in these topics because they are generating traffic. You also know on which of these topics they show the most interest. It becomes possible through the traffic individual pieces of content are generating and engagement your social posts are attracting. You can use this data to create even better content and target the same audiences on social media. All they need to do is hand over their email address and hit the download button.

Add dynamic CTAs to your posts

Creating in-depth guides is one thing but maximizing the number of downloads is something else. This strategy helps you turn more blog readers into email leads. It uses the downloadable guides you created in the previous strategy. The reason this strategy is so crucial because you want to turn as many readers into leads. You do not want them to go back to search or any platform they came here from.

What you are going to do now is place CTAs on your posts, prompting readers to download your guides. Once again you are using the interest they have already demonstrated and created a pathway for more detailed information.

Generate email leads from video views

Video content is another area where you don’t want to let potential leads just to watch your footage and disappear. You have worked hard and it is a waste to sit back and let them walk away at this stage. Turnstile is a great feature by Wistia that allows you to place signup CTAs on your videos. You can choose when the form appears and create custom messages to entice the email sign-ups.

Segment your content strategy

Segmentation is a word you will hear a lot in relation to email marketing. However, it is just as important for content marketing. If you are creating generic content for broad audiences, you are unlikely to address the individual interests. These interests inspire B2B buyers to take action regardless of whether they are reading an article, mail, or product description.

Create content that reaches out to the needs of your buyer personas. Make sure to create segmented campaigns to bring them on board. You can reach such unique audiences in search via keyword targeting and relevant audience niches.

Search marketing lead generation options

Speaking of search now seems like a good time to look at some of the best search marketing strategies. SEO is a little more tricky today than it was before. But, the power of having a strong search presence on Google is as strong as ever.

Pack your content with data and shareable areas

You need to pack your content full of data, stats, and third-party references from trusted sources. This is one most effective way of generating the links you need to get your pages rank on top. This makes it easy for Google’s algorithm to verify the accuracy and reliability of your content. It also makes it more link-worthy and shareable to most users.

Update your old content

One of the most important SEO strategies that businesses tend to forget about is updating their old content. When content gets old, bad things can happen. This can include broken links, inaccurate or irrelevant information, ranking drops, etc.

You must update the articles multiple times frequently to keep it fresh. Most importantly your content is not going to generate leads if it is not up to date. It must address the needs of your audience today.

Build negative keyword lists in Google Ads

Moving away from SEO for a moment let us take some time to talk about the paid search. For B2B advertisers single keyword advertisement groups (SKAG) used to be a reliable strategy for pinpointing highly niche audiences. Basically, you could define a specific keyword like ‘software free demo’ and set campaigns to only target that keyword.

Sadly, Google has killed off this capability over recent years by making its keyword match types less strict. So you can no longer define a single keyword. You must ensure only the people who exact their query on Google see your advertisements.

Personalize your landing pages to match search intent

With your Google Ads campaigns bringing in highly relevant traffic you can increase the likelihood of generating leads. For this, you can personalize your landing pages to match the keywords they used to find your business.

Create remarketing campaigns to keep users engaged

PPC is great for bringing high-quality traffic to your website. But no matter how good your targeting and campaigns are, the majority do not convert into leads right away. This is why remarketing campaigns are so important. They allow you to keep visitors engaged with your brand until they are ready to take an action.

Social media lead generation options

Social media marketing has evolved into a mature B2B lead generation channel over the years. This shows significant progress since the early Facebook days.

Use LinkedIn advertising to target big spenders

LinkedIn advertisements are so expensive. It is funny how much this puts B2B marketers off from advertising on the network though. After all you can make progress on LinkedIn organically and pay a fraction of the price for advertisements on Facebook. However, LinkedIn advertising gives you a direct line to business decision-makers like no other network. This allows you to reach out to the individuals who make the key purchase choices.

Promote your content on Twitter

Nobody is going to stop considering Twitter as a social network anytime soon. The category change to a news platform says a lot about how people actually use the network. Twitter is a place for people to stay up to date and get information about the things they care about. This is the role that B2B brands need to take on the network.

Make the most of Facebook’s retargeting options

Facebook retargeting options are still the best in the industry. They have been crucial to Facebook’s dominance in social advertising, leveraging the swathes of data users hand over daily. It has also played a crucial role in Facebook becoming just as effective for B2B campaigns as B2C.

Build your own online community

Reddit and Quora prove that the power of online communities is still strong but this should not be any secret. Some of the most successful B2B marketing strategies have emerged from creating groups on networks like LinkedIn and Facebook. These platforms offer specific features for creating such communities. As long as you have something fresh and valuable to offer, people will come to hear whatever you say.

Conversion rate optimization lead generation options

It does not matter how much traffic your search and social campaigns are generating if they are converting into leads. Likewise, your efforts to build a community will end up fruitless if nobody takes action after visiting your site. Conversion rate optimization is all about converting more visitors into leads and customers.

Optimize your web forms

Every conversion goal involves some kind of a form whether it is a product purchase, email signup, or anything else. Even after you have convinced someone to take an action the web form stands in between them and goal completion. So the first place to begin with your conversion optimization is your web forms. Multi-step forms convert significantly higher than traditional designs.

Exit-intent pop ups

Exit-intent pop-ups are a divisive topic that separates UX purists from result-driven marketers. You really have to determine what message will capture the user’s attention once they have already called to leave. Simply ask yourself a question. What can you offer these prospects at the end that will change their mind and convince them to stay engaged?

Use heatmaps to pinpoint conversion barriers

Heatmaps are a crucial CRO feature that shows you where the user clicks, scrolls, or even move their mouse. This reveals user actions that help you discover UX and conversion barriers. For example, you can see if users scroll right past your CTA when that should the most important element. You can also compare the click rate of different elements on your page to see if those are creating distractions.

Test the elements that matter the most

The biggest CRO mistake is to dive right into minute details like the CTA button’s colors and font style. This is because there are countless articles defining that conversion increased significantly after adding an exclamation mark. You are not going to influence savvy business minds by choosing some psychological color.

Instead, you are going to influence them by addressing their needs as a buyer. You must show them that you can solve their business problems. Try testing different variations of your page content to determine which message is most convincing. Also at the same time, you want to remove as many conversion barriers as possible. We are talking about responsive design, slow loading times, and UX problems.


So which one of the lead generation tools will you try? If only there was a single tool that would do all. Lead generation is a difficult and time-consuming task. Do not rush for anything and find a shortcut. Try out different combinations to find the best compilation for yourself. You need data-driven content to nurture all your leads. And if you want to maximize your time you have to repurpose your content and expand your reach. This will help you drive fresh leads to your business.

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