Unlocking Hidden Secrets of Facebook: How using Facebook Leads center can improve Facebook Lead Generation Campaign Performance

September 14, 2021
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Hidden secrets of Facebook Ads

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A German artist Simon Weckert posted a video that how he hacked Google Map by using 99 smartphones, how he created a “virtual traffic Jam”.

This happened because Google uses user’s data to track. millions of people use google maps.

ola, uber taxi services are now in majority and completely rely on Google map. so if multiple vehicles are running slow or not moving it means Traffic is slow or jam.

that german artist did the same thing he uses 99 smartphones and carries them simultaneously and stopped moving, and there was a virtual traffic jam.

The world’s most intelligent minds are in Google they must have found the loophole, like using coordinates they should be tracking distance between devices as it shouldn’t be too close.

So, why all this story?

User’s Data

Facebook introduced The Lead center only available for desktop businesses that have run campaigns with the objective Lead generation.

The Lead center only available for desktop businesses
The Lead center only available for desktop businesses

By Running at least 1 successful Lead Generation campaign you will be able to see Lead-Center on your desktop version.

1 successful Lead Generation campaign
1 successful Lead Generation campaign

How it is useful?

I know it’s very basic but in the future, we can expect that it will be evolved and provide more customizations.

as of now, Facebook’s Lead Center categorizes leads on 4 parameters.

Raw Leads > In-Progress Leads > Interested Leads > Converted Leads

As you can simply understand this categorization but there are major challenges our salespeople are facing:

  1. They cannot write remarks and what conversation they had.
  2. They cannot add follow up date and time.
  3. They cannot set reminders for follow ups.
  4. They cannot sort the followups according to time and date

These are some basic must-have features for any CRM.

So, the question arises here, is it usable?

Yes, it is, let me tell you how we use it? when a lead is mature enough to send a proposal we add the lead manually in our follow-up google spreadsheet. we send the proposals and keep an eye on them, approx 50-70% of people get converted after sending the proposal.

I do understand this is a bit messy, Right? but I would say whether it is usable or not, you should use it because there are some hidden benefits of using Facebook Lead-Centre.

Do you know Facebook Lookalike Campaigns? we upload our converted client’s list and create a lookalike audience, which means an audience with similar behavior.

It means suppose I’m very fond of SUV cars and I watch drag, racing, off-roading videos of SUVs and I recently bought Ford Endeavour after listening that Ford is shutting down their manufacturing units from INDIA.

Suppose Ford added my details as their recent customer and created a lookalike audience so people who also watch similar videos like me might be served ford ads. but this is just an example, it is not that simple. one similar behavior can’t decide that, there should be multiple similarities.

So, when you use Facebook Lead’s Center and let them know which lead got converted Facebook will be able to identify what kind of audiences are relevant to your business, and your campaign will be automatically optimized with time & consistent use of Lead Centre.

CRM at least 20-30 Converted leads
CRM at least 20-30 Converted leads

If you have enough data in your CRM at least 20-30 Converted leads then you can manually create a lookalike audience directly from here.

You can directly select converted clients and create a lookalike campaign from here and it will boost your Lead Quality and volume by at least 200%.

Lower CPL & High Volume are the two major benefits of the Lookalike Facebook campaign.

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