Generated 600 Qualified Leads for Mahagun Medalleo in 3 Months!

January 2, 2023
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Generated 600 Qualified Leads for Mahagun Medalleo in 3 Months!

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Mahagun Medalleo is an upcoming residential project located in Noida, India. The project was developed by the renowned real estate developer Mahagun Group and is a luxury offering in the city. With its contemporary design and luxurious amenities, the project stands out from other projects in the area.


Mahagun wanted us to promote their upcoming project and create a buzz around it. They wanted to reach out to their target audience, who included high-net-worth individuals, NRIs, and investors, with the goal of generating pre-launch sales qualified leads.

The AAJNeeti Strategies

We were lucky to have the first-mover advantage as we were the first ones to run ads for the project. We had the opportunity to set the tone for the campaign and create a great first impression. We wanted to focus our campaign on emphasizing the property’s unique features, such as its modern design, luxurious amenities, and convenient location.

Our team identified key channels to reach our target audience – and finalized Meta platforms – Facebook and Instagram. We created video ads that showcased the project’s features and implemented a multi-targeted campaign strategy to reach out to potential buyers. We also ran retargeting campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to increase the reach of our ads.

We created video ads for the Meta platforms and optimized them for mobile devices. We also took advantage of Facebook’s advanced targeting options to reach out to our target audience with great precision.

Our USP is that we source data of customers of similar properties from different sources and create lookalike audience campaigns. We also filter the audience by asking them relevant questions through online forms to ensure that only the right people are contacted.

We optimise our campaigns according to client feedback, which helps us to keep our campaigns running efficiently and maximize the return on investment (ROI).


Our efforts paid off as we were able to generate a large number of pre-launch sales leads for Mahagun Medalleo. The project received unprecedented attention from potential buyers, with more than 600 inquiries within three months, out of which 15 deals are already closed.

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