How to write a viral answer on Quora for lead generation or traffic?

September 8, 2020
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How to write a viral answer on Quora for lead generation or traffic

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Well someday or another, you might have got yourself into a situation. You were stuck Sand there was no one around to help you in making out a solution for it. Right there, you prepared yourself, rolled up the sleeves, and typed in your query in the Search Engine bar. Within no time there appeared a multiverse of statements trying to create a solution for a problem.

Although, we just look through the articles and never look into the writing styles and consistency of the facts. We know it well that the answers with a profound design will make its way to become highlighted among others. Become noticeable at full tilt can be intentionally done using Quora lead generation.

What is Quora?

Here we will be discussing a major Question and Answer giving platform, neatly termed as Quora. Launched in 2010, it is a great platform to perceive and distribute Knowledge. It allows us to connect with different people. Contributing greatly to providing quality answers that might help someone in need as you were. Everyone is free to put their insights on Quora. You will find a trail of answers from famous actors, investors, marketers, entrepreneurs, and everyone else.

What everyone tries to focus on Quora?

Every single writer out there on Quora is daily preparing for a race to speed up their email list building. Establishing a thought Leadership, getting organic views on the posts, and driving massive reader traffic to the community. But for achieving all these rewards the answers need to be upvoted so much. The Quora Profile should be focussed, which will the first thing visible if someone gets interested in some Article.

The assembly of an Impactful Quora Profile

It doesn’t matter at what peak you stand in your life. The impressions you make on others will make you stand out from the crowd. Especially when someone just visits your profile for the first time. First impressions should make a direct impact on them. If your profile does not grab the attention, some other profile will surely do, and here is when you need to focus on your growth strategies. Some features which will help you in making your profile stand out from the crowd are as follows:

1. Highlighting the essentials for Quora lead generation

The very beginning of your profile should define your decorum and the most significant achievement of yours. You must define the best services or designation that you are serving or have served in the past. The more these are noticeable, the more your Call to action is likely to be clicked.

The details you add will portray you as great visionaries and will help the Search Engines to enhance the search results related to your articles. Always try to show yourself as decorated personnel which will attract the readers towards your articles. For a beginner adding the following details might be sufficient to a meantime:

  • A piece of detailed information in the About Me section
  • The writer’s areas of Expertise
  • Writer’s Interests
  • Cities visited by the writer
  • Education background
  • Previous working experience
  • Social media handles

The tagline will always be visible on the top of your answers and is customizable for each topic. It consists of 50 characters. To customize it simply click onthe dots at the bottom right of your answer and select Edit Credential. You can choose to either select a pre-existing tagline or edit to create a new tagline. If you stick to a single tagline, it will provide brand recognition across the audience.

2. Making your Bio look smarter for Quora lead generation

Your bio is your face for the audience so try to embed the links related to you. Your website or a blog where the visitors can find out more about you. Something describing what you did or do and what your achievements were will do well.

Here are some elements which would make your Bio look better:

  • A relevant offer for your readers
  • Your Social Validation
  • Links to the other contents written by you
  • A Hero image

3. Stating the areas of expertise

The areas of your expertise should be visible on your profile. Including the links to the authenticated content as proof to the audience might do good to a great extent. If you mention multiple areas of expertise, it will benefit you. You need to make sure to choose the right questions to answers so that your ranking does not get affected.

4. Filling out your credentials and the Highlights

Your credentials are meant to be visible at the top of the answers you provide. If someone views your answer your credential should demonstrate your authority and specification in that particular area. This will push the visitors towards visiting your actual profile to read more about the author of the article which they followed to peep in the profile.

The repurposing framework in Quora

It is essential to share your Quora posts outside the platform for increasing your reach towards the audience. Quora is also a great choice for repurposing content like Videos, GIFs, etc. Writing neat and concise answers might be so difficult often. So it becomes important if we share some infographics which could enhance the quality of our answers. Quora offers you the ability to produce slides, infographics, and much more to go with. Also, you need to be consistent and punctual.

You must dedicate yourself to writing as many answers as you can, provided neatly and consistently. Also if in a worthy expectation of time, will increase the chances of engraving your social footprints within the audience. Connecting to social media platforms will give you the power to share posts in an instance. It also gives you wider coverage.

Competitive Leeching Strategy

Quora is a platform for different people with different tastes. You can benefit yourself from finding value-adding areas for you by researching over Quora. For not more than an hour spent you will be able to find different articles, areas, writers, or insights. Also, it allows you to follow the writers who write better than you. This can help you learn improvising your feeds by reading their articles timely. You are free to use their research and use it flexibly according to your needs. This will help to serve a great purpose for the public.

Writing engaging content for Quora lead generation

If you do not have much research about some topic, you must focus on something more relevant to you. It is often considered easier to read some articles on the platform and reward them for their efforts. It becomes more impactful when you add your points to an already existing article. Enlarge the context focus area for the users to understand it better. It provides genuine value to you and the other reader. Remember if you help others out, then only you can expect someone to come to serve your purpose.

If finding a solution takes a majority of your time, understand that it might not be an area of your expertise. A little research with alluring and attractive content is always the best. Never start writing before analyzing a condition as there might be already existing answers to a question and if the same context repeats.

It might not look proficient and will penalize you for losing some valuable readers. You must always look at some already existing answers and add some more string points which the author might not have included.

Finding the right Questions for Quora lead generation

It’s great if you write quality answers to the questions. But, if you spend so long in answering a single question then your pace will slow down, and eventually, the efficiency of your reach will be affected. You must know the areas of your expertise so transparently that you find quality questions as well as do not lose your pace while answering those.

To find the questions which might help in generating the leads you must start reading multiple answers to the relevant topics which might be beneficial to your business. Before you dive into finding the relevant questions and writing the answers, you must know the qualities of an attractive question.

Qualities of attractive Questions for Quora lead generation

If the question has a lot of followers but has many bad answers then you are likely to be noticed for serving a beneficial purpose. A question that you can provide real-life examples of ideals could be the one that will make you notice if the readers feel that your content is much easier and flexible to be understood. The questions most relevant to the Bio offer you provided for your readers might be a great opportunity to increase your leads.

To start searching for such questions you must dive into individual topics that you chose and then squeeze out the healthy content to be used for later. This makes it possible for you to browse through the list of top-performing questions even faster being prepared because the recent questions under each topic tend to have a higher follower to answer ratio. You can also choose to answer a high-quality question later in time.

Changing your writing styles

In the heap of those answers, you want your answer to looking better before making it read better. The first thing which will pull the readers to you is the way your content is formatted and how neat and concise it looks. You must not write too long paragraphs and try to squeeze and divide your answer into small but multiple paragraphs which will not be too tiring for the readers to dive into for reading it. Keep your paragraphs limited to not more than 6 lines.

Writing shorter posts will provide no good as well. If your answer is too short, then the user will lose interest in you even before he starts generating it. You must keep in mind to keep a flow in your answers and create them like a storyline so that whenever the reader reads it, he keeps joining the dots while reading which will ensure an immersive reading experience.

Putting in subheadings and listings in your articles by breaking them up using bullet lists could further draw the reader’s attention to the specific points, whereas for the important points the Bold and Italic writing style could do well to you.

Analyzing the Content for Quora lead generation

You have to make your place in an already existing crowd so make sure to be unique and different from everyone else. If all use bolts and numberings make sure you add some images so that while scrolling through ambiguously formatted answers the images grab the attention of the readers even with a slight flicker crossing their eyes. If everyone is using images then you must not. You must find your way mixed up with emphasis to improve the efficacy of the reader count.

Most of the top-performing answers on Quora include personal stories, advice, or touches of humor in them. There is a massive bulk of these posts and plenty to learn from them. You, as well as the future readers, will have great opportunities to start with. Even people have started posting blogs and journal-like content on Quora. The matter of fact is that you just need to create posts which the users have interest in, be it a Cappuccino of Latte in the morning or the Sunset at a solitude Hill station glazing under the clouds.

When it comes to personal daily routine content, you need to make sure to mark your emotions very neatly. The readers should connect themselves to your story and explore further into your profile and other posts. You can use the sensitive phrases like, ‘Imagine if you were here’, ‘Let us explore this together’, or ‘Suddenly the moments turned about’. Empathizing your readers could also be applied to this purpose. When you decide to let your reader live your story, it truly makes an impact and your chances to grow increase.

Answering with elegance for Quora lead generation

As we learned above, your Content does not have to be something the user is forced to read, but it has to be an elegant way to indulge the user into the experience the writer was enjoying.

  • Try using metaphors and similes to describe your emotions
  • Optimize your paragraphs to be fewer sentences for use in mobiles
  • Bold the Highlights, Headline, Quotes and important transitions
  • Try to not emphasize your context negatively, by removing the words like No, Not, Dislike, etc.
  • Try using improvised contrast in your sentences to give great meanings to simpler words.
  • Reflect your true emotions, be it grief or joy but  make sure to plot it Comfortably
  • Use inspiration and positive thoughts
  • Use bullets, Numbering, and listings.

Keep your flow intact once the stats go higher

As you start noticing that an answer has started creating some spikes in the stat graph, maintain your momentum to indulge the audience by writing some follow up answers, tips, and tricks, or new approaches. You do not want to spoil your stat chart by writing something unusual so make sure to try to make it look organic.

For instance, if you are trying to promote a Brand then you must start peeking into the start-up strategies to link the Brand to appropriate contexts. Try avoiding using forcible statements like, ‘Learn more about us’, or ‘Subscribe now to avail 15% discounts’ and much more.

Instead of all this, you must politely highlight the promotion without the context of asking them. You could also use backlinks to posts of some other companies, brands, or even your content making sure to have its domain inside Quora.

Start emphasizing all these terms once the answers go viral. In case the answers are not getting viral, you must not force the follow-up answers to make your answers grow. Wait for the gradual change and then make your move smartly.

Some other approaches for Quora lead generation

You can lure the readers by claiming to let them grab some interesting opportunities. This could be only possible if the offer you highlight is something not so out of the track. This can be like joining a WhatsApp or Facebook Group and some more paths but you are advised to proceed at your own risk as if you show your bad promotional side to the readers and put the promotions often in the beginning or somewhat at the beginning of the answers you are likely to be banned by Quora.

To avoid getting penalized, try not to use links that drive you directly to the Landing page of some promotion and do not put the links above the fold. Never put the Call to Action prompt on an irrelevant answer as the traffic percentage might significantly decrease due to low-quality context and your stats will go down instead of rising. Always try to separate your Call to Action from your answer.

Using Highly optimized keywords for Quora lead generation

You must focus on the relevant keywords you want to significantly dominate over the context to target a wide audience. You can use Search Engine Optimization to begin understanding what keywords to go in what sequence. Optimization can be analyzed by:

  • The difficulty, which uses the click-through rate-curve model to illustrate when the weaker pages rank higher. It is easier to rank for a particular keyword is the difficulty is low.
  • Opportunity, which provides the estimation of how likely someone is to click on the organic web result i.e. if the opportunity score is 42/100 then this means that only 42 % of clicks will go to the organic results and the rest 58 % will go to the Google Adwords advertisements.
  • Potential, which combines all the metrics to help to make you understand what keywords you should be using to optimize at first. Potential is highly subjective based on the time it takes to create the content to rank for these keywords.

Research the pre-existing questions with keywords

Now when you have successfully got an idea about which keywords you want to rank for, you need to proceed with searching for the questions including the keywords you have considered. When you search for any phrases including your keywords, the first few results will be on Quora which would be the prime Google real estate to capitalize on if you had a SaaS or Software as a service company.

If you find no questions with the keywords you chose to optimize for then you can frame your questions making sure that they include the keywords in the description of the question too.

Using eye-catching pictures for Quora lead generation

If you need to write a Quora answer for the purpose of generating the leads then the images are the solution for this purpose. Most of the Influencers use images in their answers to enhance the formatting, readability, and attractiveness of the content in Quora. You can choose to put a photo of your own, a famous icon, simple infographics, or lastly the Free Stock images from the top providers like Pexels, Unsplash, etc.

Images tend to generate a sense of trust and satisfaction due to which the readers tend to spend more time and indulge in making your posts go viral. Quora picks up the first image in the article to thumbnail it. Even if the first image is placed at the end of the article the first image will only be preferred. The topmost writers consider putting images of their own or celebrities to improve the efficacy of the Click through rates.

In an answer related to growth or development, before and after images play a major role in emphasizing the context. Personal and genuine posts are often loved by the readers and become the main reason for such posts to be upvoted very easily.

Grabbing the attention of major writers

If you have spent a significant amount of time with Quora then you also might have followed several higher writers than you but make sure that you get noticed in return. You need to find the questions those writers might have answered on Quora and then answer some follow-ups and if you are so confident about your work you can tag them and wait to get noticed if they appreciate your work.

Never miss an opportunity if you get to meet them or connect with them by any means. This might also make it possible that they start tagging you in return for your efforts which will provide you a surge in the traffic rates on your profile.

Ranking Strategy in Quora

All you need to keep in mind while writing an answer is if some query has a significantly low follow count then you must choose not to indulge in writing an answer for it unless it is so relevant to you. For making it rank better you will be needing to already have So many followers while writing it. You need to focus more on the queries which have a larger number of followers making sure that it has a wider reach so that the ranking isn’t affected by such mismatch.

Before starting writing answers you must research well about what answers might give you a better approach to the audience as well as harness your ranking. Prepare multiple answers in advance and then according to what post has a major reach you can start embedding it and posting the answers without any problem.

You will find a lot of related questions in the frequently asked Questions panel and you must give your time in answering such questions too as they provide a reach to your posts according to major searched key terms.

Prevention from getting banned

Adding links within your answers might give an indulging experience for the readers but adding so many links might make Quora think that you are promoting other factors and will intentionally get you banned for violating their terms. You must add links but in very rare cases and the majority of the cases try to insert the links that take users somewhere within the Quora website, such as your profile page or a link to some other reference article you want the users to know about as well.

Why Content Marketing on Quora is necessary for brands?

Quora can be used as a strength that can drive the traffic to your websites, boosting the brand authority, and reaching the audience for your business. But you have to simultaneously keep in mind that what measures are allowed and what is not allowed in such public user-generated content platforms.

Quora does not tolerate the marketers which try to use their platform for increasing the engagement and distributing the content and has certain terms and conditions to be followed and anyone who tries to create a flaw is flagged and barred from the services of Quora.

It does a great job in satisfying the user’s aim by answering questions which is the reason that is has been boldly marked in the Google Rankings for an ocean of topics. Quora can be an efficient resource for marketers who want to increase their reach into the market and increase the traffic towards their brand or service.

Quora offers more opportunities in building the brand authority within the industry. The only thing is that exceeding the limits while self-promoting your content could result in providing a penalty.

Quora is so easier to navigate but much trickier to push your content. The volumes of visitors might be very less here in the Quora but the Traffic which approaches is high-quality traffic having low bounce rates. Once you have set your profile and got ready to use this platform it is worth lurking around and posting a wide variety to establish your integrity.

Finding the right audience Quora lead generation

On the Quora, the tackling questions directly relate to your business, and starting your search with related keywords and looking for recent submissions with plenty of followers will be the first step into your growth story. Quora loves neatly formatted content and personalized stories according to the self-interests of an individual. The template is customizable.

You must not boast off and show off your Company but should rather be available to answer the people in need and as you have portrayed yourself as an expert, you must stay honest and relevant to start seeing awesome results very soon. You must show your genuineness by providing proofs of your pre-existing customers whom you recently served as a conversation of a soft recommendation.

Adhering to the set of rules

Quora has a smart approach to keeping its community free of spams and flagged content. It notifies you if your content is found suspicious. If you continue receiving repeated notification you will soon strictly be banned from the platform. Quora allows building your authority within an industry but dismantles the thought of continually linking your content as an opportunity to widen your approaches.

Prove yourself to be an Industry Leader

Success on Quora depends on the ability of the writer to define the solutions and provide the content the readers need. It almost similar to the approach you use to improve the Google Rankings and it’s less showing iff the product or service and more about the satisfaction of the user purpose. You need to take your time in scrolling through the platform and browse for relevant keywords, also finding out what the readers need and what content they prefer more.

You have to show your diligence in finding a question you can use to create neatly formatted, thoughtful insights which the community will prefer to read, recognize, and appreciate.

Quora is a marketer’s dream and it has some specialized Business to business segment features like LinkedIn, Business to Customer segment features like Facebook and if your target audience in on Quora, you can receive thousands of views on the answers by writing some engaging content and then providing a short advertisement link at the end. Once you set your footprints as an established industry expert, readers will come to grab your content for some knowledgeable answers.


Getting into creating an immersive content might be so difficult for many people out there. But you do not have to worry. You just need to count on the genuineness and true knowledge and gradually the paths will turn over and you will get highlighted on the topmost posts on the platform.

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