12 Amazing Ideas for Lead Generation on Facebook

October 8, 2020
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12 Amazing Ideas for Lead Generation on Facebook

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Facebook is a social-media stage where your clients and potential clients consistently “hang out” on the web. You need to contact them with your brand’s messaging, products, and services so your organization will be at the bleeding edge of their psyches when it comes time to make a buy. This guideline is simpler said and done. Your clients on Facebook go there to mingle, find loved ones, and see what is happening in others’ lives. They would prefer not to be impacted by organizations selling them items and services. As a business, your Facebook posts ought to build up connections between your viewer and it should attract them to join you and its the perfect for lead generation for the business and ventures.

Lead Generation
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Most advertisers know at this point that Facebook is a significant business device for organizations of each size and industry. With a day by day dynamic client base of 1.13 billion (1.03 billion on portable alone), you realize it can assist you with contacting new crowds you might not have had the option to arrive at something else.

It can likewise assist you with getting discovered all the more effectively in search, make a network around your business, advance the substance you make, and build up a solid brand personality.

But what about using Facebook for generating leads for your business? Pulling in new leads utilizing Facebook – leads that may in the end transform into paying clients – is one of the most fascinating motivations to utilize Facebook marketing. 

But then, we locate that just about a portion of advertisers uses Facebook to source leads. This needs to change. What’s more, regardless of whether you are producing leads on Facebook, we as a whole could likely utilize a little lift in our lead generation endeavors. 

To ensure we’re all in the same spot, how about we start with what a lead is, and the two kinds of leads you can create on Facebook.


A lead is an individual who has shown enthusiasm for your organization’s products or services by giving you their data somehow or another. Individuals can show interest in an assortment of ways: rounding out a structure to download a digital book, mentioning a demo, or finishing an online review. 

Tragically, essentially Liking a status, photograph, or video on your Page doesn’t make somebody a lead. That kind of activity doesn’t show enthusiasm for your organization or products.

On Facebook, there are two different ways you can produce leads: direct leads and indirect leads.


Direct leads are created by sharing links that join legitimately back to your site where guests can share data in return for an offer – regardless of whether that be a digital book, coupon, infographic, or some other bit of substance. This structure is housed on a greeting page devoted to that particular offer.


Indirect leads are created by utilizing Facebook on the way to change. For instance, if you shared a blog entry that had a source of inspiration to a call for action button at the lower part of the post, your underlying Facebook share is guiding guests to that landing page. 

While legitimately advancing landing pages is a moment gratifier of leads created, giving substance without a structure makes your Facebook presence a more amiable home for content that your fans will need to return for over and over.


  • Post Your Landing Pages offer Directly on Facebook:
landing page on facebook
landing page on facebook

Probably the most ideal approach to produce leads on Facebook is essentially to send individuals legitimately to landing pages for lead-creating offers. Rather than composing a novel with all the details of your present offer or advancement, compose a short secret to catch the pursuer’s consideration with a connection to an exceptionally planned landing page on your site. 

At the point when you do this, ensure the offer has a convincing featured picture that is getting maneuvered into the Facebook post. To guarantee Facebook pulls the correct picture from your blog entry into your Facebook posts, you’ll have to initially streamline the picture size for Facebook and afterward include the best possible open diagram labels to your site.

You’ll additionally need to ensure it’s obvious to the peruser where you’re sending them. On the off chance that they believe they’re clicking into a blog entry and end up expecting to fill out a form, they could get befuddled or baffled. Utilize verbal expressions like “Download your digital book” or “Get your cheat sheet” to show where you’re sending them. 

For this, you might need to renounce the stock photograph and utilize your picture or take a picture yourself. When utilizing your custom picture, ensure the size is the correct measurement for Facebook to pull it in and include the best possible open diagram labels on your site.

  • Posts the Blog Posts that generates most of the Leads:

Another method of creating leads from the content your group is delivering is to just pick the blog entries that produce the most leads, and post those to Facebook. The theme and title of the blog entry will interest your crowd to snap and read, and afterward, they’ll discover a CTA inside that post – ideally high up, close to the introduction – to either an answer for a difficult they’re having or to something they need to study. 

There isn’t anything amiss with reusing old blog entry content and including it on your business Facebook page, particularly if those blog entries have, and keep on producing numerous leads and commitment. 

post blogs
post blogs

With these incredible blog entries, be certain they highlight a CTA high up in the substance, for example, close to the presentation. The CTA ought to be an answer for an issue or something the pursuers will need to get familiar with. Additionally, think about utilizing the CTA in the anchor text.

  • Ask qualifying questions in your lead form:

Adding questions to your lead structure can assist you with getting valuable data on your leads, and can be a splendid method to “sort out the real men”. If you don’t need clients to present their details except if they have a solid aim, at that point ask them explicit things or request more data from them.

In the automotive space, this could be asking clients when they expect to purchase, regardless of whether they need a test drive or a handout, or whatever other important inquiry which they might be reluctant to reply if they showed up on your structure rather accidentally. 

Numerous advertisers keep away from adding questions and pages to their lead structures as they fear expanding the expense per lead. We should turn this around on its head for a second… 

Regularly the best system for a lead generation crusade on Facebook is to include qualifying questions and setting cards regardless of the expansion in cost for every lead. 

But why? 

At the point when utilized properly, doing this will build the nature of approaching leads. 

But posing extra inquiries will dishearten individuals from joining? 

We need this if it applies to opportune individuals. Deals groups ought not to be burning through their time calling individuals who don’t have a satisfactory plan. But at the same time there’s another explanation: Lead capturing on Facebook isn’t a similar game as lead generation utilizing paid promotions. In paid promotions crusades individuals are being caught exactly when they are effectively looking for an item or services. 

lead form
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Individuals on Facebook are hanging out, not effectively looking for something. In any case, what is a disadvantage will be viewed as an open door by the smart. The second point of this inquiry is to emergency drives as per their purpose to buy. Moreover, information is being gathered and promotions can be robotized to sustain leads and drive likely clients towards your item in the more extended term.

  • Research about your target Audience:

At the point when you’re promoting on Facebook, the audience is the Facebook clients who will see your supported posts in the Facebook newsfeed, the sidebar, on Instagram, or on Facebook’s publicizing organization. What’s more, because Facebook pulls in as much as 2 billion users from around the globe consistently, a “splash and pray” advertising methodology won’t work here. 

You have to trim your crowd down. To do this you’ll have to see how Facebook focusing on alternatives work. In case you’re new to Facebook publicizing, here’s an outline about the type audience: 

Facebook’s “Saved” Audiences: Leveraging the information Facebook has on the entirety of its users, any publicist can arrive at the specific sort of individual that would best match their promoting message. 

target the audience
target the audience

“Custom” and “Lookalike” Audiences: These incredible fragments of Facebook users are significantly bound to reverberate with your showcasing because of a closer match of conduct to your current supporters and clients.

Lookalike users are the most remarkable part of Facebook promotions that you can use. Streamlining your crowd makes your promotions more important, and will lessen the expense per lead – conceivably balancing the expansion in costs from advancements to improve lead quality. A group of people bar none probably doesn’t have to have as much quality control. Simultaneously, quality control could assist you with sustaining a crowd of people of high caliber. 

With the assistance of Lookalike Audiences, you can contact an exceptionally pertinent crowd. A decent spot to begin is making a look-alike audience dependent on your current clients or a portion of high-esteem leads.

  • Utilizing Videos in Promoting Offers to Leads:

Facebook’s natural reach has dropped to 52% so far in 2016, on account of the changes in Facebook’s algorithm to help relieve the expanding measure of substance on its foundation. In any case, videos are a special case here. Indeed, posting videos has killed a portion of that torment for advertisers. 

video promotion
video promotion

Facebook’s calculation favors video content. Thus, video posts have 135% more noteworthy natural reach than photograph posts. So in case you’re attempting to expand your lead generation endeavors on Facebook, you’ll need to begin utilizing recordings to help present and advance those lead-creating content, regardless of whether they’re offers, occasions, courses, or something different. 

Notwithstanding the content CTA you can include the video’s portrayal, make sure to add a verbal CTA to the video to “register” or “download,” both prior in the video and at the end.

  • Using Facebook Live Videos for Reminding People to Register:

Videos can be pretty time-concentrated to make. But you don’t need to arrange the time and assets to make a completely scripted and altered promoting the video to use the intensity of video on Facebook. 

Facebook Live Videos for Reminding People
Facebook Live Videos for Reminding People

Facebook Live is Facebook’s live video stage that lets anybody broadcast live videos from their cell phone directly to their Facebook News Feed. The best part about these live recordings is that they’re intended to be a little scrappier and more unconstrained than ordinary showcasing recordings – that is the thing that makes live recordings uncommon. 

Also, Facebook Live has substantiated itself staggering for commission rates. Facebook’s underlying information uncovered that individuals remark 10X more on Facebook Live videos than on standard videos. 

To get the discussion moving about your lead geneneration offers by making a live video to advance them. You may advance an occasion by indicating the arrangement live, for instance. Or on the other hand, you may advance a proposal by facilitating an open Q&A on live video where you interface with Facebook analysts live and on camera. 

These recordings are extraordinary for Q&As, giving updates from a gathering or educating watchers regarding unique offers. As watchers can “participate” on the video after it’s as of now began, it’s a smart thought to rehash the CTA on different occasions in the video.

  • Pin posts that interface on lead generation offers to the top of your feed:

Sticking a post to the head of your Page’s Timeline permits you to feature what might somehow be a common post. It’ll remain at the top of your Timeline for as long as seven days, after which it’ll return of the date it was shared on your Page’s Timeline. A pinned post is meant by a little blue-and-white pushpin symbol on the upper right of the post. 

Pin posts that interface on lead generation offers to the top of your feed
Pin posts that interface on lead generation offers to the top of your feed

You can stick any kind of post, from text to pictures to videos; even live recordings. On the off chance that you pin a Facebook Live video, that video will just appear at the head of your profile with the entire account, showing that the Page “was live” at one point.

  • Add the call-to-action button on your Facebook Business Page:

Okay, this one isn’t a kind of Facebook post, yet it’s a critical lead generation strategy that no advertisers will need to pass up. Back in late 2014, Facebook added a component to its business Pages permitting clients to put a basic source of CTA button at the top of their Facebook Pages.

This catch is straightforward yet incredible, and it can help drive more traffic from your Facebook Page to your site – including points of arrival, contact sheets, and other lead generation structures. 

call to action button on facebook
call to action button on facebook

You’ll see you have seven pre-made catch choices to browse: “Join,” “Shop Now,” “Get in touch with Us,” “Book Now,” “Use App,” Watch Video,” and “Play Game.” Once you pick a CTA and connect it to a page your site, the button you picked will show up at a fixed area directly underneath your cover photo.

This simple thing can bring a great change to your lead generation. It will enhance the quality of leads and grow your audience also leading to the development of the business.

  • Ask for Reviews and Feedback about your Products:
reviews of products
Reviews of products

One approach to take care of two feathered creatures with one scone is to present an update on your business’ Timeline requesting feedback on one of your items or devices and connecting to a greeting page where individuals can pursue a demo – or, if it’s free, to just download the apparatus. You’ll empower recruits by connecting straightforwardly to the presentation page, and your devotees will cherish the chance to give their feedback. 

The undeniable danger here is that you’ll be opening up the conduits for negative analysts, so be particular on the instruments and items you post for input. Ensure you’re posting something you’re glad for and prepared to get criticism for. You’ll additionally need to have in any event a couple of individuals prepared to react to Facebook remarks as they move in – both the positive and the negative. 

On the off chance that you do get negative criticism, react as fast as possible to give you give it a second thought, and keep them from transforming into something more genuine. If you get grumblings about the products, utilize the “client is in every case right” approach, and state you’re sorry. You’ll get regard from different clients for being forthright. Offer you thankfulness for people’s criticism. At last, ask how you can help – and afterward really help. Take notes on the input you get and send it to the individuals who can get things going.

  • Run a Giveaway or a Contest:
Run a Giveaway or a Contest
Run a Giveaway or a Contest

People love contests and giveaways. In addition to the fact that they are a good time for your adherents, yet they can likewise show you great traits about your crowd – at the same time drawing in them, developing your scope, directing people to your site, and producing leads. 

Giveaway on Facebook
Giveaway on Facebook

On the off chance that the objective of your challenge is to create leads, distribute posts on Facebook (notwithstanding your other online media accounts) that incorporate an alluring highlighted picture or video, the language that is convincing and basic, and a connect to your contest page where they can round out a structure. Use this post to get familiar with running fruitful online media challenges. 

Before you start your Facebook challenge, however, ensure you can run it lawfully by perusing their Page Guidelines. Facebook has gotten serious about giveaways and contests because of risk issues, so read through their exacting principles early.

  • Follow up on your leads quickly:
Follow Leads
Follow Leads

With regards to following up on your, Facebook leads when you nap you lose. Examination shows that 30-40% of deals go to the seller who reacts first. A Lead Response Management Study found that your odds of handling a deal are 100x better on the off chance that you follow inside the initial 5 minutes contrasted with the initial 30 minutes.

If you would prefer not to pass up incredible open doors ensure that your business group is in a flash informed when a Facebook lead is created or that they can undoubtedly discover the details of the entirety of your leads once a lead structure has been submitted. Consistent sync between your lead generating channels and your CRM is the most ideal approach to guarantee that the deals follow up is as quick as could reasonably be expected.

  • Do Social Selling or build up a relationship:

Facebook is a powerful web-based media stage for building relationships with likely clients and building more grounded ones with current clients. This relationship-building is key to social selling. Social selling connections are worked by taking part in social tuning in, deals practices, and lead age. Facebook is a fantastic stage on which to viably do each of the three of these social offering components to construct significant connections. 

Social Selling
Social Selling

Facebook is an amazing lead gen device that you can remember for your potential customer capability measure. From redoing your business page to organizing your advancements to barely focusing on your crowd, this online media stage ends up being something no deals and showcasing group is to be without. 

The main motivation Facebook is an incredible lead generating apparatus is that it’s a spot for relationship working to occur. Individuals who have a nearby, believing relationship with an organization and who feel that the organization thinks about them as an individual will in all probability work with that organization.


We hope you found these tips for ways you can generate leads from Facebook supportive. Keep in mind, however, that Facebook is continually evolving. While the ideas here are a solid beginning to progress, nothing beats testing every procedure for your crowd. 

There are other ways too that all of you should be following to create leads share it with us so we can realize what procedures are working and which are not.

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